These past two weeks my attention has been placed elsewhere, my mind totally devoted to a new job. My brain hasn’t been able to break away from that, not even to soak up and share the sounds of musical therapy. But it’s Saturday and i just heard Seapony.

Seapony hails from Seattle, no doubt a place that sits in the collective memory banks of all those who don’t live there. When I think of Seattle I think of three things: grunge, Starbucks and rain. I’d bet that’s what many, many people think of. But when you live in that place, when you experience it every day, you confuse the collective minds of those outside. So Seapony, they make music that doesn’t sound like rain, grunge or corporate coffee.

There’s some hazy reverb a la Real Estate in these songs, which is likely what attracts me. There’s also some girl group jangly jams a la Vivian Girls (but prettier). But what these few Seapony songs have is the catch of the day melody thing that is missing from a lot of music. I don’t want to say easy listening, but this is easy to listen to. And sometimes that’s just what you need.

Seapony: Dreaming

Hear much more at Bandcamp.