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Thanks to Tom at The Great Pumpkin for giving me this video to post. I missed the Group Tightener party where this video was shot and luckily this great Dead Gaze video helps to fill that void a little bit. Furlow is an aggressive guitar player and his vocals, both here and on tape, are layered in reverb, adding depth to an already thick sound. Even as a two-piece Furlow makes a mess in your ears.

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Cole Furlow will be in NYC for CMJ and is also playing an MME/ Pop Gun show at Glasslands on Nov. 12 with Blank Dogs (album release), Velvet Davenport and Swimsuit. BE THERE and get tickets here.

Check out a track from the new Firetalk 7″ from Dead Gaze.

Dead Gaze: Take Me Home or I Die Alone

The bee is the pollinator. The flower is so pretty. The butterfly came from a nasty coffin that was actually its beginning and not its end. What is the crazy but simple process of reproduction, growth, life? Ask your self that question and the only answer you’ll get, while watching this video, will sound like a comforting “hey yo” that buzzes and bounces around inside.

Woodsman video for “When the Morning Comes” …

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Woodsman plays Micro-Pixel-Rites Official CMJ Showcase on Tuesday, Oct. 19 at Glasslands. Doors at 830.

Dent May// Steve Gunn// Spectre Folk// Woodsman// tooth ache.

Woodsman: When the Morning Comes

We posted “Burning Bridge” recently, and now a video has surfaced for the intricate and devastatingly haunting track by Spectre Folk.

by Pax Paloscia. Readย  Q&A at The Fader.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Spectre Folk plays the MICRO-PIXEL-RITES CMJ show at Glasslands, Oct. 19. Doors at 830.

It shouldn’t come as much of a shock that last night’s Juliana & Evan show at Mercury Lounge, the second in a two-night stint, was a bit more like therapy than a straight reunion. Anyone who has followed the career of these two ’90s alterna-babes knows that their relationship has always been tumultuous and somewhat undefined, at least in the public eye. Rumors about their relationship have persisted for more than two decades; here, they at least tried to lay them to rest.

“This is explicitly about having sex with you,” Dando mumbled, prefacing the hit “It’s About Time.”

Continue reading at Sound of the City.

The stark beauty of a Mountain Man performance is shown with compelling detail in this video by Site & Sound. Watch the three women as they prepare for, and then deliver, a stellar performance on the roof of the Old American Can Factory in Gowanus, Brooklyn.

Andrew Gauthier asked MME to premiere this long-time coming mini documentary about one night with the band, and of course, we were more than happy to do so.

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Site & Sound is a web-based documentary music series dedicated to telling the individual stories of unique live performances in and around New York City. Each episode of Site & Sound covers one specific performance by one musician or band.

The goal of Site & Sound is to create compelling mini-documentaries about singularly talented musicians. Shot in an intimate, verite style, the series captures the small, specific details of a musical performance as well as the personal happenings surrounding that performance.

Mountain Man performed as the musical guest at one of the summers’ Rooftop Films.

Double Dylan today… Here’s one of his best songs, more often and better performed by The Band, this time covered by the main man Jerry Garcia himself, in 1986 in Passaic, N.J. Awesome jams, Jer…

“Someday everything is gonna sound like a rhapsody…When I Paint My Masterpiece.”

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This is really beautiful. There are times when the voices crack, too, just like they would if this were happening in your Living Room. With the rain outside your window today, it may feel like that.

And here’s The Low Anthem doing the same song solo, at Tiny Desk Concerts. Check out Boilen’s office!!

A certain kind of music begs for a collective experience, one in which everyone in the room vibes together in harmony. Other music is more private, best experienced at home or walking around alone, wearing headphones. And then there are acts like Emeralds, the three-piece experimental band from Ohio. Live, they ride the line between public and private so closely you forget where you are. This was the case last night when each member of the band played a solo set at Glasslands.

Continue reading at Sound of the City.

And here’s a twit vid I shot on my iPhone. These usually come out terribly, but since McGuire was softly building ambiance, the audio is ok.

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Andrew Cedermark seems to play lead and rhythm guitar at the same time. That is really hard to do successfully, but he does it. With just a three-piece band Cedermark makes an intricate rock racket. Check out the video and mp3 for “Moon Deluxe” below, off his new album of the same name.

Cedermark is located in Charlottesville. If that’s where this video was shot, looks pretty idyllic. (Even tho the video is kind of scary!)

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Get Moon Deluxe, out now on Underwater Peoples. Get it!

Andrew Cedermark: Moon Deluxe

(video via)

Ok, maybe i’m cynical, but I see the message in the new Superchunk video (yes! it’s true!) to be something along the lines of, “Stay the fuck out of our 90s jams, poseurs!”

This is a great song- so elastic and poptastic that you may need to blow some bubbles.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

This song is off the new album, Majesty Shredding, out tomorrow. More info on the video at Videogum.


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