When a band sounds a lot like at least four other bands when you listen to it, that is usually a terrible sign. “What is this copy cat band?,” you might think. But with Jonquil, the bands their music conjures are so disparate that it’s almost funny to listen. Like, how did they do that? Does each band member bring an idea to each song writing session? For me, I hear The Slip’s “Honey Melon,” which I will admit, was a favorite song of mine in the year 2000. (I was smoking at Hampshire College, after all.) I also hear some Vampire Weekend a little bit. And even, dare I say, Tanlines? Eric Emm’s vocals are not too far off… And then there’s the inevitable British melodies that wander through their new EP, One Hundred Songs.

What do you hear? Below take a taste with “Get Up,” which is the “approved” postable song, but definitely not my favorite. Still really, really nice though.

Jonquil: Get Up

Check out a song off a WIRE comp from ’07, “Sudden Sun.”