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This pic would be 1,000 times hotter of stupid Lars wasn’t in it….

Thanks Skull Swap!

Check out the young Robert Zimmerman….

I would never drop the bills, even if i had them, but still this is cool.

The lines are mad dark:

He was such a lovely doggy
And to me he was such fun
But today as we played by the way
A drunken man got mad at him
Because he barked in joy
He beat him and he’s dying here today.


If dancing is your thing (and of course, IT IS) check out the Matts- otherwise knows as HSFY (Hot Shit Fuck Yeah) at Rose Bar in Williamsburg. Call this your summer kick-off party. The weather will be nice, everything right, wear white.

For real, these guys mash island riddims with mainstream pop hop circa 1998 like nobody else. And sometimes there are costumes for all.

Not all benefit albums are created equal.

Waxploitation‘s Causes 2, which is donating profits to end the crisis in Darfur, is loaded with tracks by indie bands of all stripes–Black Moth Super Rainbow, Diplo, Devandra, Gnarls Barkley, etc. As long as it doesn’t have Avril Lavigne covering “Imagine,” we’re happy.

Here’s the tracklist:

black moth super rainbow – happy melted city
the decemberists – after the bombs (live version)
devendra banhart – white reggae troll
diplo – wassup wassup (exclusive samim remix)
federico aubele – luna y sol
gnarls barkley – mystery man
lcd soundsystem – starry eyes original (causes exclusive)
matthew dear – when she don’t need me (causes exclusive)
mum – asleep in a hiding place
my morning jacket – highly suspicious (exclusive vhs or beta dee jays remix)
neon neon – i lust u feat. cate le bon (dj eli escobar remix)
richard swift – wastin’ m’time
rjd2 – wherever
sharon jones & dap-kings – it hurts to be alone
tim & eric – petite feet (exclusive devlin & ghostdad remix feat. sylvia gordon)

Stream the whole album here. Get yer video on here.

Robert F. Kennedy

“What we need in the United State is not hatred. What we need in the United States is not violence and lawlessness but is love and wisdom and compassion toward one another.”

RFK is the man of the Century. He’s a true liberal, and in the classiest of ways moved from having a somewhat conservative slant, he worked for McCarthy during the infamous trials, to being the candidate for the poor, for minorities, the disenchanted and the rebellious youth of the 60s. If RFK hadn’t been shot, our country would be a COMPLETELY different place today. And maybe, just maybe, people who are different would be more accepted. Maybe what happened today would be more of a surprise?

Watch this video of RFK the night Martin Luther King, Jr. was shot, which incidentally is tomorrow, April 4. His words placated the crowd of mostly African-Americans and while there were riots all over the country that night, there were reportedly few in Indianapolis.

Patti Smith


A poet like Bob Dylan, unafraid of stirring the pot, unafraid of being what was unexpected, that is Patti Smith. And this quote of hers has always comforted me.

“I am shrouded in the lives of my heroes.”

BONUS: A review of “Dream of Life,” the film about Patti Smith.


William Hurt as Nick Carlton in “The Big Chill” (available currently for instant play on Netflix, I highly recommend it)

Nick is the street-smart yet emotional member of the group of college friends. While the others went on to become a lawyer, a TV star, a journalist at PEOPLE magazine and a doctor, among other professions, Nick never really became successful. Nick is drug dealing, taking drugs and driving a Porsche. His character is the most complex in the film, and also the most sympathetic. He seems to be the one who never “sold out.” While his friends complain about feeling guilty in their respective lines of work, (these are Baby Boomers and ex-60s radicals here), Nick doesn’t have those concerns. A great man in an even better film.


Kids these days think bubblegum and pop are what life is about. Where is the
Heathers of today? Someone needs to let all the youngsters know that life is tough. It’s NOT a musical.

This feature in the Daily News is kinda cute.

Try this as a way to keep hearing it fuckin’ loud.


Isn’t the fake Buscemi better at tweeting than you could ever hope the real Buscemi to be? I mean, come on. His tweets are about having sex with Martha Stewart, getting drunk and eating, among other things, and yet, they’re poetic in some way. Mad props to the faker.

Jere Hester, (disclosure: we worked together when i was a CUNY Journ grad student), discusses the fake twitterers in a story today. While he makes a good point that with social networking comes some deception, Twitter is more for fun than for newsmaking, in my opinion. Sure, journalists are all over Twitter posting links to stories that originated elsewhere. But the best part about Twitter, again in my opinion, is the hilarity and clarity that can come from just 140 characters.

For example: Ashton (he’s real and Tweets so much i’m SURE he has an assistant who does it for him) on Tom Selleck:

Goodmorning to the homeland! I met the great tom selleck today. So jealous of the stache. It’s glorious and full. He really cool too.

But back to fake v. real. I like that Ashton is real and I can feel like I know him (haha). And I was a little crushed to discover Buscemi wasn’t real, especially after I received a direct reply from him! But Tweets are entertaining, real or fake.

David Lynch: because he does everything that’s cool. Makes movies, practices and preaches transcendental meditation, tweets about weather and now…this??

Diane Lane: HOT HOTTIE HOT. And a great actress. Queue up Unfaithful immediately.

Thurston Moore: no surprise here. A constant performer and music intellectual (though i’m sure he’d hate that title).

Christopher Walken: for everything. Especially this scene in True Romance, my favorite movie:


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