One of the best things a musician can do is take something that is well-known, or a style rooted in the collective consciousness of a generation of listeners, and reshape it for a new one. This is something Steve Gunn seems to do very well. His songs are folk and bluegrass on the surface, but really they are experimental jams, with the base element being a standard lick.

“Mr. Franklin” begins classically, with a slide guitar beckoning your ears. Gunn’s sing-song vocals are a perfect match. The song goes on like this until about 6 minutes in when the feeling turns from inward introspection to outward celebration. A psychic guitar line echoes and rings and leads the way, knowingly.

Gunn’s album Boerum Palace was released last year on Three Lobed Recordings. Gunn plays the Micro-Pixel-Rites CMJ Showcase on Tuesday, Oct. 19 at Glasslands. More info soon.

Steve Gunn: Mr. Franklin