Harpoon Forever contributed a cover of Guided by Voices’ “Awful Bliss” to the recently released and quickly sold-out Wild Animal Kingdom compilation. The band sent it over to MME along with some original songs.

Harpoon Forever lets its songs grow. Well, based on the couple that i’ve heard, that’s the case. “Paddle to the Sea” in particular, is a more than 6 minute meandering trip. This is a scrappy song– it actually feels like a wild stab in the dark. It’s a successful wild venture though, complete with aggressive and sludgy guitar solos and drum fills. There is something so fresh-eyed about this song; you can feel the dedication seeping out in between the bars.

Check it out and the GBV cover, below.

Harpoon Forever: Paddle to the Sea

Harpoon Forever: Awful Bliss (Guided by Voices cover)

Harpoon Fever plays Death by Audio on Oct. 11.