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Micro-PixelRites is back for round 2. Elise, Emilie and I have put together a bill we think will titillate and scintillate… With these acts, how could the show not at the very least excite?

Dent May– Because you know what music you like, but you don’t know much about Mississippi (except how to spell it).

Steve Gunn– An intoxicating guitar song is as necessary as water.

Spectre Folk– Pete Nolan. Pete Meehan. Steve Shelley. A pretty and twisted racket…

Woodsman– Get foggy!

tooth ache.- Intricate soundscapes from a Vermont solo star.

TASTES to whet your appetite…

Dent May: Eastover Wives

tooth ache.: Skin

Woodsman: Balance

Previously posted: “Burning Bridge” by Spectre Folk. Here’s the video by Pax Paloscia:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Also previously posted: “Mr. Franklin” by Steve Gunn.


Dutch Treat, McDonald’s at Don Pedro’s, 8ish


Deerhoof, Father Murphy at Le Poisson Rouge, 8

The Thermals, Cymbals Eat Guitars, So Cow at Irving Plaza, 7


Rum DMT, Woodsman, La Big Vic, Night Manager, Birthdays at Shea Stadium, 9

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Daniel Francis Doyle, Fiasco, Bird Names, Dinowalrus, Cavex at Death by Audio, 8ish

Dungen, The Entrance Band at Knitting Factory, 9:30 (and Friday)


Lightning Bolt, Dan Deacon Ensemble, Casiotone for the Painfully Alone at the Ridgewood Temple, 8ish

Parts and Labor, Shy Child, Bunnies, Adult Themes at Glasslands, 9

King Khan & The Shrines, Gentleman Jesse & His Men, Golden Triangle at Santos Party House, 7ish

Dead Kennedys at Irving Plaza, 7

Deerhunter, Real Estate, Casino Versus Japan at Webster Hall, 6


Magik Markers, Iyes, Steve Gunn & Johnny Truscinski at Shea Stadium, 8

Weekends, Web Dating, Data Dog, Antimagic, Mala Strana at Coco66, 8

Turbo Fruits, Liquor Store, Pujol, Dream Diary at Death by Audio, 8

King Khan & The Shrines, Gentleman Jesse & His Men, Live Fast Die at the Bell House, 8


Beach Fossils at Brooklyn Bowl, 8, FREE

Widowspeak, Sweet Bulbs, MINKS, Total Slacker, X-Ray Eyeballs at Death by Audio, 8

The bee is the pollinator. The flower is so pretty. The butterfly came from a nasty coffin that was actually its beginning and not its end. What is the crazy but simple process of reproduction, growth, life? Ask your self that question and the only answer you’ll get, while watching this video, will sound like a comforting “hey yo” that buzzes and bounces around inside.

Woodsman video for “When the Morning Comes” …

Vodpod videos no longer available.


Woodsman plays Micro-Pixel-Rites Official CMJ Showcase on Tuesday, Oct. 19 at Glasslands. Doors at 830.

Dent May// Steve Gunn// Spectre Folk// Woodsman// tooth ache.

Woodsman: When the Morning Comes

When you have a really bad time, you get home too late and you feel sick, you get dumped or worse, you throw up, you have to spend time with Republicans… All of these things could make you wake up the next day and mutter to yourself, “Damn, Last Night Sucked.”

I don’t know exactly what happened to the Lawrence, Kansas band Baby Birds Don’t Drink Milk that inspired them to write a song called “Last Night Sucked.” Whatever it was, it seems like it doesn’t matter anymore because the band got a somewhat anthemic song out of it, and, perhaps, a record deal?

I’ve been jamming the track for months now, but just a couple of days ago I heard that the Fire Talk label, headed up by Trevor from Woodsman (yeah, DENVER), is putting out a BBDDM LP, “Skeletor and Me.” Clearly the song (and their others) turned some people on. You can pick it up here. The band will be around for CMJ. See them.

Baby Birds Don’t Drink Milk: Last Night Sucked

This just in from Colorado space control stars Woodsman

First: a story.

I tripped over a power cable at the UP Ranch in Texas (yes, everything happened there.) The person who caught my arm and said “Hey that wasn’t my fault,” was a member of Woodsman. He had long blond hair and a gentle voice. We talked for awhile… but I can’t remember what about. Probably…. music?

Two days later Woodsman played the Mexican Summer/Gorilla Vs. Bear Showcase. They were loud and so intensely inspired, I was literally shocked. “This was the gentle voiced gentleman who caught me before I fell?,” I thought to myself. Hmmmm.

Woodsman is from Denver, Colorado. The blonde haired man told me that Denver gets more days of sunshine than any other place in the U.S., that I remember. We decided that was likely because of the city’s elevation. Perhaps this is why the blonde haired stoner boy looked like a surfer, but made music that sounded like it came from deep in the middle of the Earth. Colorado is landlocked.

Woodsman has an album coming out on Lefse on June 1.

“When the Morning Comes” is a sample from that album to get you ready. No, this is not a take on the jolly Grateful Dead song with a similar name. It couldn’t be farther from that song sonically. Mystically, they could be cousins.

Beautiful Woodsman videos….

Check them out on tour. Highly suggested. Playing June 18 somewhere in NYC, and June 19 at 87 Guernsey St., which is the Mexican Summer store.

Woodsman: When the Morning Comes


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