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Andrew Cedermark seems to play lead and rhythm guitar at the same time. That is really hard to do successfully, but he does it. With just a three-piece band Cedermark makes an intricate rock racket. Check out the video and mp3 for “Moon Deluxe” below, off his new album of the same name.

Cedermark is located in Charlottesville. If that’s where this video was shot, looks pretty idyllic. (Even tho the video is kind of scary!)

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Get Moon Deluxe, out now on Underwater Peoples. Get it!

Andrew Cedermark: Moon Deluxe

(video via)

Each time Andrew Cedermark washes up on a stage in Brooklyn (or anywhere, for that matter) he likely wins over every newcomer in the room. His music is aggressively addictive, and takes cues from classic rock and roll, clean-cut rockabilly and indie-nostalgia all at once.  Each song is like a tiny story, with chapters full of detail. Moving from one section to another, always hitting you over the head with subtlety, Cedermark creates an indelible feeling in your ears. It’ll never go away. You will never forget.

“Moon Deluxe” is the first single to be released from his upcoming LP on Underwater Peoples. Also see “Hard Livin’,” a track which finds Cedermark on the gentler, more folky side of the lake. This is not to say the song isn’t loud and dramatic, but the songs tone is a bit more nuanced.

Once a member of Titus Andronicus, a band from his hometown of Glen Rock, NJ, Cedermark on his own still employs the frantic, do or die style of guitar playing.

Cedaemark guesting w Titus Andronicus at Northside Fest, 2010

Andrew Cedermark: Moon Deluxe

Andrew Cedermark: Hard Livin’

Vibes matter man. When a bunch of unknowing and unconscious assholes show up some place and do shit that makes no sense and bother others while doing it, the vibes are altered. Now, we all know Altered Zones are great, but this wasn’t great at all.

Which brings me to the Underwater Peoples Summertime Showcase on Saturday night at Shea Stadium. For whatever reason, in attendance was a handful of big time posers who had no clue that this was NOT a punk or hard-core show. So they acted as “punk” as they could, by kicking each other and spitting on the stage. Now, if this were a real punk show these kids would have had the shit kicked out of them (which is maybe why they chose the chillest place in Bushwick to bring their shenanigans). Besides the inappropriateness of their actions, what really made me sad was what their presence and attitude means for the future of underground, anti-authoritative music and culture. These kids were Hot Topic, personified.

What’s most depressing though, is that the bands, all of whom are great, really brought their A-game. The performances were lively, well-rehearsed and, in many cases, full of new material. I don’t know if the bands were much bothered by the crowd, but for those of us there for the music, it was hard to get lost in it.

Alex Bleeker & the Freaks, by NJ Underground

I mean come now, moshing to Alex Bleeker and the Freaks? I don’t think his music could possibly inspire violent physical reactions. I guess anything is possible, but I would place a bet that a more enjoyable reaction would be a bit more heady and less aggressive.

Even though I badly wanted to see Julian Lynch perform again, I left early. Those kids weren’t the only reason, but they were part of it. I heard they were gone before Lynch and Real Estate took the stage much later in the evening, and for that we can all be grateful. I’m sure all good vibes were restored after they peaced out.

So, the point is, vibes matter. And hey kids! I’m not an old stick in the mud, I enjoy moshing and stage diving from time to time. But when it makes no sense, it only makes you look like the biggest idiot in the world. And I don’t think that’s what you’re going for.

Ok, all of that aside though, the bands I saw were totally rocking. Fluffy Lumbers with a FULL band, including the drummer from the recently disbanded Pants Yell!, was on fire. Really great. Alex Bleeker debuted a bunch of new and startlingly dark songs (and played a cover of Say It Ain’t So!). No Demons Here performed with a full band, (first time ever?), which really fleshed the sound out. Be sure to see these bands SOON.

Go to NJ Underground for more pics!


Blonde Redhead at 92Y Tribeca, 7

Acrylics, Sebastian Blanck at Cake Shop, 9

Dam-Funk, Master Blazter at Ft Greene Park, 6:30 FREE


Fergus & Geronimo, Radical Dads at Cake Shop, 8

Total Slacker, Red Romans at McCarren Park, 6 FREE

Memoryhouse, Twin Sister, Oberhofer, Beauty Feast at Mercury Lounge, 8


Ty Segall, Royal Baths, The So So Glos at Cake Shop, 8

Deerhunter and Real Estate at Pier 54, 6

Deerhunter (DJ Set), The Big Sleep, Ducktails, We Are All Romans at Glasslands, 8:30

German Measles, Reading Rainbow, Eternal Summers, Family Trees, Rescue Birds at Live at the Pyramids, 7

Maps & Atlases, Cults, Laura Stevenson & The Cans, We Barbarians at Mercury Lounge, 8

Twin Sister, Memoryhouse, John K, SUNLESS at Monster Island Basement, 8


Dog Day, Eternal Summers, Knight School at Cake Shop, 8

Ty Segall, Royal Baths, The Babies, Zulus at Death by Audio, 8

How To Dress Well, The Golden Filter, Glasser at Glasslands, 9

Screaming Females, Black Wine, Byrds of Paradise at Maxwell’s, 8:30

Mountain Man at the Old American Can Factory, 8

Javelin, Warpaint at the Whitney Museum, 8


Home Blitz, Fergus & Geronimo, Liquor Store, Pujol, Moonmen On The Moon at Don Pedro’s, 8 (HAPPY BDAY POP JEW!)

Screaming Females, Big Soda at Death by Audio, 8

Nite Jewel, Samps, Blood Orange, ARP at Glasslands, 8:30

Chief, Frankie & The Outs, MINKS, Coasting, Total Slacker at Rock Yard, 2

The Babies, Air Waves, Total Slacker, Girls At Dawn at Silent Barn, 8

UP Summer Showcase with Julian Lynch, Ducktails, Andrew Cedermark, No Demons Here, Warlords, Alex Bleeker and the Freaks, Big Troubles, Family Portrait, Air Waves at Shea Stadium, 7


!!! (chik chik chik), Lee Fields, Strange Boys, Future Islands at Williamsburg Waterfront, 2

One week ago, some great minds in music writing/blogging converged at Newtown Radio in Brooklyn. The reason was to discuss the ethics of music writing online, and the recent increase in blogger run labels. The conversation was lively, informative and above all, fun. Those taking part say it was constructive, those listening in were tweeting up a storm.

The forum was organized by Visitation Rites and Microphone Memory Emotion. Ari Stern of Underwater Peoples helped us lead the conversation, and Mark from Newtown Radio contributed immensely with his technical assistance.


Ryan Schreiber, Founder of Pitchfork Media; Sam Hockley-Smith, Editor at The FADER magazine and co-owner of Group Tightener, Michael McGregor, founder of Chocolate Bobka and The Curatorial Club, Mark Schoneveld, founder of Yvynyl and co-owner of upcoming label Trig Club and Chris Cantalini, of Gorilla Vs. Bear and  Forest Family Records.

Topics covered:

What’s the difference between a writer/journalist/critic and a blogger? Does the difference lie in the medium in which said person writes?

Is objectivity possible in blogging? Is it even desirable?

Should we think of bloggers more as “curators” than as writers?

Can and should blogs write negative reviews? Does criticism have a place in the blogosphere?

Is it ethical for a blogger to sell what they have created a demand for?

Can a blogger ethically write about something he or she is also releasing? Is transparency enough?

How important is the question of scale? Would a blogger-run label represent a conflict of interest if it ceased to operate on a limited-run basis, and became a more commercially-minded operation with wide distribution?

Does the fact that a blogger-run label boasts its own built-in pr-outlet give it a natural advantage of the traditional record label? Do blogger-run labels have the potential to transform the record industry from the inside-out?

Are blogs the new A&R?

The concept of “firsties.”

At the end of the conversation we took a few calls and tweets with questions including what we had every reason to believe was a request for Tumblr advice from Carles himself. Unfortunately we ran out of time mid-discussion. This conversation was the first of many so stay tuned.

Stream and download the whole conversation below. Newtown Radio is a DIY operation so keep that in mind while listening. And no, someone was not trying to call in via fax machine.

See comments on this discussion on the Tiny Mix Tapes debate post or the Drowned in Sound community thread.

Enjoy a bit of intro music as we did to get you in the “zone.” The song is “Aftermath: Isle of Self” by Dolphins Into the Future.

Blogger Ethics DOWNLOAD

Words by Emilie Friedlander and Georgia Kral

Underwater Peoples was the first label to announce a Mountain Man release, that was back in October or November. Since then a lot has happened with the fine ladies from Vermont. They are releasing their full length, Made the Harbor, on Partisan here in the states and on Bella Union in the UK. They’re touring all summer long, some dates with Twin Sister!!

Sun Dog, the 10″ from UP, is available for pre-sale now. The songs are alternate versions, so you should really pick this one up in addition to the full length.

Here’s an amazing video of “Mouthwings” shot by Yours Truly and edited by Andrew Rea.

Mountain Man: Soft Skin (full length version, not UP version)

The Mountain Man Festival sounds like pretty much the best show ever, right? Woodsy Saratoga? Lakes and horses? Real Estate and HEALTH? And YOU can actually invest in it and feel like you’re giving something to mankind. Yup, it’s so DIY that the guys throwing it don’t even have the money yet. But still the bands have said “yeah, bra, sure.” Have you seen the video? Endearing as fucking hell. I’m glad the Internet, yes the Internet, has given Gabriel and Shane the opportunity to do this.

So far, the Fest has raised just about 2.5 thousand dollars. They need 65 thousand by May 12. DONATE.

Gabriel Stinson is one of the organizers. He says he dreamed up the idea “when I finally got Julianna Barwick’s beautiful white vinyl in the mail in march as the first result from something I’d funded on kickstarter.” Seeing the possibilities, Stinson called up Evan Brody of Underwater Peoples and asked him if he’d get on board. Brody, always the “hell, yeah!” type, obliged.

Stinson said the name choice is unrelated to the Underwater Peoples band Mountain Man, but that the ladies will hopefully play the fest. THAT would be a mind fuck.

Support this project. Even if you can’t attend. $10 goes a long way…


HEALTH: Crime Wave

Real Estate: Black Lake

Correction: Stinson did not attend Evergreen. He did, however, get the Julian Lynch tape from Dana.

The music of Mountain Man is likely performed best in fields, on back porches, in yards and on prairies and mountain tops– or in church basements. The beautiful and harmonic three-part harmonies of Molly, Amelia and Alex ring the most true unamplified and untouched by the tech that can harm them. At the Longbranch Inn Underwater Peoples SXSW show, the women in Mountain Man did what they had to do in the face of technical difficulties: turned the technics OFF.

At first when the microphones were feeding back and interrupting my enjoyment of “Animal Tracks” I didn’t know how Mountain Man was going to handle it. There was nervousness on their faces. Their eyes darted back and forth around the room, from the mics and to each other and at Ari and Sawyer in the front row. And then, the women said “fuck this” and pulled the mic stands to the back of the stage and announced triumphantly that they’d be singing un-amplified. The entire room heaved a collective sigh of relief. After just a few moments the bar was mostly quiet and the crowd was on the ground.

Only power and beauty can do that.

I hope these pictures have captured a bit of the magic from that room.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

more about “Mountain Man, Long Branch Inn, SXSW 2010“, posted with vodpod

It kinda makes total sense that of course the best SXSW show I saw actually went down about 30 minutes outside the madness of downtown Austin. Yes, I’m talking about the infamous Underwater Peoples Ranch show. The dudes of UP rented a big ranch with a huge yard and an even more huge bed. At night bugs that resembled fluffy cotton floated through the air. It didn’t really matter that it was close to 40 degrees because when the bands played you forgot and continued drinking.

I saw some of the best bands at SXSW there too… Sleepover, Reading Rainbow, Pill Wonderrrrr. Check the slideshow below for pics of those bands and more, as well as some homies (bloggers) you may recognize. Austin, I don’t miss you. But the ranch? That shit was comfortable.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

more about “Underwater Peoples’ Ranch Party“, posted with vodpod

Julian Lynch makes music to dream to. No matter what he says, (see below), for me, his music inspires deep, personal introspection. Using instruments like clarinets, tape machines and guitars, Lynch weaves blankets and more blankets of sound that wrap around you like a comfortable summer breeze. Lynch is one of the many Ridgewood, NJ/ Underwater Peoples musicians, and is currently a graduate student at the University of Wisconsin. He took some time out to answer some questions for MME.

What did it feel like when you first started writing music? Was guitar your first instrument?

When I first started writing music, I lacked confidence in what I was doing and felt like I was somehow “faking it,” or missing the point of what writing music was supposed to be about, as if such a point existed. I was pretty young. Probably around 14. Even though I had learned how to play musical instruments by that point, I assumed that there was some essence to music making to which I was not privy.

Guitar wasn’t my first instrument. I took some piano lessons beginning in second grade, maybe for about a year. Then I started playing clarinet in fourth grade. I consider clarinet to be my “real” first
instrument. Then I started learning guitar just before high school.

What inspires your thoughts and ideas?

Other thoughts and ideas, plus individual experience. Exposure to and engagement with the things that other people have done or are doing. Definitely seeing/hearing my friends playing music. Matt, Martin, Bleeker, Brody, and all the other friends from my town and from other places have had a big impact on my musical process.

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