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Ducktails, Family Portrait, Tennis at Cake Shop, 8

Memory Tapes and Tanlines at the Bell House, 8


Tennis, Magic Bullets, Family Portrait, Cool Runnings, Night Manager at Glasslands, 9


Oneohtrix Point Never, ARP, James Ferraro, Future Shuttle,Blondes (DJ Set) at Coco66, 9

Sisters, Girlfriends, Slow Animal, Sweet Bulbs, Candy Heart at Cake Shop, 8

Tanlines at Whitney Museum, 7


Wild Nothing, Blank Dogs, Cosmetics, MINKS at Bowery Ballroom, 7

White Out with Thurston Moore, Carlos Giffoni, C. Spencer Yeh, Fat Worm of Error at Knitting Factory, 8


Delorean at the Williamsburg Waterfront, 2 (This is on, right??!)


The Babies, Pygmy Shrews, Unnatural Helpers at Silent Barn, 8ish

MNDR, Silk Flowers at Mercury Lounge, 6:30


Blonde Redhead at 92Y Tribeca, 7

Acrylics, Sebastian Blanck at Cake Shop, 9

Dam-Funk, Master Blazter at Ft Greene Park, 6:30 FREE


Fergus & Geronimo, Radical Dads at Cake Shop, 8

Total Slacker, Red Romans at McCarren Park, 6 FREE

Memoryhouse, Twin Sister, Oberhofer, Beauty Feast at Mercury Lounge, 8


Ty Segall, Royal Baths, The So So Glos at Cake Shop, 8

Deerhunter and Real Estate at Pier 54, 6

Deerhunter (DJ Set), The Big Sleep, Ducktails, We Are All Romans at Glasslands, 8:30

German Measles, Reading Rainbow, Eternal Summers, Family Trees, Rescue Birds at Live at the Pyramids, 7

Maps & Atlases, Cults, Laura Stevenson & The Cans, We Barbarians at Mercury Lounge, 8

Twin Sister, Memoryhouse, John K, SUNLESS at Monster Island Basement, 8


Dog Day, Eternal Summers, Knight School at Cake Shop, 8

Ty Segall, Royal Baths, The Babies, Zulus at Death by Audio, 8

How To Dress Well, The Golden Filter, Glasser at Glasslands, 9

Screaming Females, Black Wine, Byrds of Paradise at Maxwell’s, 8:30

Mountain Man at the Old American Can Factory, 8

Javelin, Warpaint at the Whitney Museum, 8


Home Blitz, Fergus & Geronimo, Liquor Store, Pujol, Moonmen On The Moon at Don Pedro’s, 8 (HAPPY BDAY POP JEW!)

Screaming Females, Big Soda at Death by Audio, 8

Nite Jewel, Samps, Blood Orange, ARP at Glasslands, 8:30

Chief, Frankie & The Outs, MINKS, Coasting, Total Slacker at Rock Yard, 2

The Babies, Air Waves, Total Slacker, Girls At Dawn at Silent Barn, 8

UP Summer Showcase with Julian Lynch, Ducktails, Andrew Cedermark, No Demons Here, Warlords, Alex Bleeker and the Freaks, Big Troubles, Family Portrait, Air Waves at Shea Stadium, 7


!!! (chik chik chik), Lee Fields, Strange Boys, Future Islands at Williamsburg Waterfront, 2

This is Titus and Cassie from The Babies, in case you weren’t sure… More details on the show in Philly at Styrofoamdrone.

This looks like college to me, not high school. But that’s ok. Of course I listened to Weezer in middle and high school, but it wasn’t til college that me and all my awesome friends would take drugs and play these songs and sing and jump on beds and shit… HA!


Akron/Family, Warpaint, Please the Trees at Music Hall of Williamsburg, 8ish


Man Man, Born Ruffians, Javelin at NYU Kimmel Center, 8ish

Sunburned Hand of the Man, Nancy Garcia, Grasshopper, Zebu, Sord at Death by Audio, 8ish

Gunfight, Shark?, Quiet Loudly, Scary Living at Glasslands, 8ish

Animal Collective (performing Transverse Temporal Gyrus), Danny Perez (artist) at the Guggenheim, 4:30 and 9


Tanlines, Lemonade, Janka Nabay, Pictureplane, Blondes at Monster Island Basement, 8ish


MICRO-PIXEL-RITES Pump-Up Pre-SXSW Show: Details TBA at 402 Jefferson, Bushwick

Golden Triangle, Sandwitches, Coasting, Girls at Dawn at Monster Island Basement, 8ish

Titus Andronicus, Parts and Labor, The Babies, Cloud Nothings at Bowery Ballroom, 8ish

Amniotic, Twin Sister, Jersey Band at Coco66, 6:30 ish??

Nude Beach, Total Slacker, Girls At Dawn and more at Don Pedros, 9ish

Evan Dando at Mercury Lounge, 10ish

Free Kisses, Shark?, Byrds of Paradise, Philip Seymour Hoffman at Shea Stadium, 8ish


Washed Out, Small Black, Pictureplane, Oneohtrix Point Never at Mercury Lounge, 8ish (Monday too)

Awesome Color, Tyvek, Talk Normal at Market Hotel, 8ish


Oneohtrix Point Never, Metacomet, Sweetheart, Luke Perry at Bruar Falls, 8ish

Pictureplane, Oberhofer, The Shams at Glasslands, 9:30ish

I both love and hate Brooklyn Bowl. Here’s a breakdown:


Cajun fried chicken with honey, big and luxurious leather couches, “Planet Earth” on multiple screens, absinthe cocktails, free shows.


Everything related to the stage and sound of bands that play there.


Sounds of bowling pins being struck

There are clearly more items in the LOVE category. But the band is what really matters, especially when the band is Real Estate, which pretty much owns a large chunk of my head right now.

The band was really tight last night, (they could play these songs in their sleep), but I think the large room and the unbelievably large crowd may have been startling. Maybe. I mean, 3/4 of the band played Bruar Falls the night before backing up Julian Lynch. That place was packed too, but it’s maybe 1/50th the size of Brooklyn Bowl. Either way, the fire that i’ve seen these guys play with, most recently at the Market Hotel, wasn’t there last night. Or maybe it was, I just couldn’t feel it because it was gobbled up by the 30 foot ceilings.

The show was good, of course it was, but the room and the magnitude of the space stifled the sound.

The band debuted the track “Dumb Luck,” which is a melodic and enchanting song. I feel that the more Real Estate dig into those soft jam spots the better they sound. These guys get lost in extended soundscapes, and you can see it on their faces.

The Babies opened the night with pop garage rock. It was fun and clean– this band could be great.

Watch the twitvid, with bad sound, of what Martin ( @realyrealestate ) calls “Wonder Years.”


The Babies, Real Estate and Salem at Brooklyn Bowl, 9:30


The Babies, Total Slacker and Beach Fossils at Glasslands, 8ish


Levon Helm Band and Okkervil River at Terminal 5, 8ish

Drink Up Buttercup, Alex Bleeker and the Freaks at Studio at Webster Hall, 8ish

Fluffy Lumbers, Bonus Eventus, Shark? at Silent Barn, 8ish (hosted by Pelly Twins and PopTartsSuckToasted!)


Teengirl Fantasy at Monster Island Basement, 8ish


The So So Glos and The Beets, kiddie show at The Living Room, 1 pm

Vivian Girls are one of the success stories of the Brooklyn music scene. They’ve been around for a few years now, their debut met wide acclaim and they are amping up for a big fall tour in support of their sophomore album, Everything Goes Wrong, out on Sept. 8. Cassie, Katy and Ali play guitar, bass and drums and sing and found some time to discuss pizza, dealing with online “haters,” recording at Fort Tilden and their latent desire to relocate to California. (This is becoming a common refrain.)

The band plays tomorrow at Death by Audio.

When you first formed, what did you expect?
Cassie: We wanted to write short and fast but melodic songs, go on tour, and put out an LP. We expected to tour basement shows and dive bars a few times a year.
Katy: I really wanted for us to be interviewed in Maximum Rock and Roll, which happened last year!

You’ve been featured in many magazines and blogs. How does it feel?
Cassie: Kind of strange but it’s also fun to gather a collection of magazines with your picture in it. Kind of annoying though when a blog will post about you every other week just to rile up the haters.
Ali: It’s surreal and like Cassie said a ton of fun to collect the magazines you’re in. I’m not really all that phased by the haters anymore. If they have enough time and negative energy to go out of their way to bring you down on a public forum they aren’t worth a reaction.
Katy: It is pretty awesome to get a reaction from people for your music, positive or negative. We all made music for a long time before Vivian Girls which got no attention at all, so it’s a big change that feels nice.

What are your favorite bands and what are you listening to these days?
Cassie: The Wipers, the Bananas, Neil Young, and Sonic Youth are some of my all time favorite bands. These days I’m listening to a lot of Lou Christie, the Beach Boys and the Adolescents.
Ali: Serious Lou Barlow and Courtney Love infatuation going on with me. I listen to every Hole album all day every day. I like how they can take me from being super pissed with Pretty on the Inside to dancing around to Celebrity Skin.
Katy: Right now I’m listening to a lot of Yellow Fever. We are currently working on putting out a record for them. They are one of the best bands around these days. Some of my favorite bands of all time are Nirvana, The Smiths, The Pixies, the Modern Lovers, Minor Threat, and the B-52s.

Pizza or chinese? What kind?
Cassie: Pizza’s more reliable, so I’ll go with that. I really like getting pizza from Domino’s.
Ali: I’m gonna go with pizza. Real pizza though, from a pizzeria.
Katy: Definitely pizza, from anywhere.

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Alright, alright. It’s available for DLOAD!! The Babies is awesome, as I said before. Get it while it’s HOT.

The Babies: Meet Me in the City

The Babies: Meet Me in the City

California music for New Yorkers.

The Babies music sounds very different from both Vivian Girls and Woods, which is awesome because combining those two bands would just make for a kind of generic muddle. Judging from the two tracks on the band’s newly launched MySpace, the tracks have a very specific pop-rock feel. Check out the song structure of “Meet me in the City.” It goes verse, chorus, verse, chorus and actually features a pretty extreme guitar solo toward the end. This isn’t the standard lo-fi music you’d expect from a scene that has gone in the minimalist direction. I’m refreshed! And it’s not just the iced coffee. This band makes me want to go to a show and dance my head off.

The Cassie led song, “All Things Come to Pass,” sounds nothing like George Harrison. It kind of has a surfer feel to it- but not in the California tradition of newish bands like Wavves, Best Coast, the Soft Pack, etc. Could this be the Rockaways surf anthem??


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