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The most simple and desperate of themes, love and desire, guide the new La Big Vic song. “LYNY” is a hypnotic, electronic rumination on what it feels like to be isolated, alone, perhaps even desperate. But in true high style, the song picks up and takes on a positive tone when Emilie Friedlander begins to sing and the drums kick in.

“I love you, I need you. I love you, I need you.” Lyrics like that present the dichotomy always present in scenarios of human relationships. To love and to need is both comforting and frightening. Of course, this can also apply to psychic roaming and wandering. We all want to understand how sound works, but ignorance is bliss, as they say. To get caught up in confusion can be more rewarding.

La Big Vic has only a few tracks circulating, but each one is better than the last. “Heyo (Silver Morning)” is a bit more atmospheric than “LYNY,” but both are deserving of a close listen.

La Big Vic is playing three shows at the end of the month, including an MME presents gig at Glasslands on Friday, July 30. Check the flyer below.

La Big Vic: LYNY


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