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If there was ever a week to drain your bank account on drinks and live music, this is it. Thanks to the CMJ Music Festival hundreds of bands are in town and really, really eager to make some fans. MME’s recommendations of best shows to see are below. I’m including official and unofficial shows on the list, because there really is no difference.


Off means official and you can use your badge. If there’s no Off, you’ll either have to pay a nominal door charge, or it’s a free show.


Micro-Pixel-Rites presents Dent May, Steve Gunn, Spectre Folk, Woodsman and tooth ache. at Glasslands, doors at 830 (Off)

Friendship Bracelet and Rose Quartz presents Gary War, Big Troubles, Total Slacker, Greatest Hits, Tonstartssbandht and Woodsman at Bruar Falls. 7

Group Tighener/ Acephale present How to Dress Well, Small Black, Dead Gaze, Porcelain Raft, Nude Beach, Secret Colors

Mog Presents Yo La Tengo, DOM, Screaming Females at Brooklyn Bowl, 7 (Off)

Ground Control Touring presents Jenny and Johnny, Wild Nothing, Times New Viking, Happy Birthday, La Sera at Irving Plaza, 8 (Off)


Chocolate Bobka presents a Not CMJ Show

Terrorbird presents Marnie Stern, Baths, Revolver, Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr., Kyle Andrews, Botany, Dark Dark Dark, Prince Rama, Kordan at Cake Shop, noon.

Free Williamsburg/ Stadiums and Shrines presents Pujol, Blackbird Blackbird, Foxes in Fiction, Awesome Tapes from Africa and more at Glasslands, 6

I Guess I’m Floating / Lefse Records present Houses, Candy Claws, Young Prisms, Tape Deck Mountain, Wise Blood, Sunglasses, Keepaway, A Classic Education, Dominant Legs at The Delancey, 6 (Off)

Stereo-Gun presents All Night Long w/ Wild Nothing, Tamaryn, Diamond Rings and more at Santos Party House, 7

NNA Tapes presents Driphouse, Thought Broadcast, Tooth Ache., Lawrence Welks and Our Bear to Cross, Toby Aronson at Silent Barn, 8


IMPOSITION curated by Pop Jew w/ Allo Darlin, Dream Diary, Sleepies and more at The Woods, 1:30ish

I Guess I’m Floating presents Floating Fest w/ Baths, Pepper Rabbit, Oberhofer, Teen Daze, Young Man, Beach Fossils, Violens, Foxes In Fiction, Class Actress, Blackbird Blackbird, MillionYoung, Viernes, Young The Giant, Coolrunnings at Pianos, noon

Carpark / Paw Tracks presents Dent May, Prince Rama, Cloud Nothings, EAR PWR, Light Pollution, DJ Carpark, Deakin, Avey Tare (DJ set), Excepter at Cake Shop, 8 (Off)

Chapter Music/Underwater Peoples presents La Big Vic, Andrew Cedermark, Air Waves, Guy Blackman, Fabulous Diamonds, The Crayon Fields at Glasslands, 8 (Off)

Kanine Records / Gorilla vs Bear/ Forest Family Records / Father Daughter Records present Cults, Tennis, Marnie Stern, Eternal Summers, Young Prisms, Family Trees, Dent May at Live at the Pyramids, 8

Hardly Art present Xray Eyeballs, Woven Bones, Golden Triangle, Fergus & Geronimo, Circle Pit, La Sera at Shea Stadium, 8


IMPOSITION curated with the FMLY w/ Baby Birds Don’t Drink Milk, Birthdays, Truman Peyote, Blissed Out and more at The Woods, noonish

Rose Quartz x MME presents Andrew Cedermark, Family Portrait, Street Chant, Ecstatic Sunshine, Fluffy Lumbers, Pigeons and Nude Beach at Shea Stadium, 8

Altered Zones presents Greatest Hits, Woven Bones, Teen Inc., Prince Rama, Excepter, John Maus, How To Dress Well (DJ set) at Death by Audio, 8

Kanine / WaoWao / The Music Slut / Insound presents Grooms, We Are Country Mice, Eternal Summers, Young Prisms, Braids, Pepper Rabbit, Viernes, Dream Diary, Dinowalrus at Cake Shop, 6 (Off)


Capeshok/Inflated presents Frankie Rose & The Outs, Woven Bones, Eternal Summers, Big Troubles, Flight, Rooftop Vigilantes, Oberhofer, Pregnant, Sweet Bulbs, Mathemagic, Dead Gaze, Shrag, Brian at Bruar Falls, 2

IMPOSITION curated with Art Fag and Zoo Records w/ Coasting, Cloud Nothings, No Joy, Woven Bones and more at Don Pedro’s, 8

Pop Gun presents Baths, Dominant Legs, Teen Daze, Porcelain Raft, Mon Khmer, Jaill at Glasslands, 8 $5 off with RSVP

Micro-PixelRites is back for round 2. Elise, Emilie and I have put together a bill we think will titillate and scintillate… With these acts, how could the show not at the very least excite?

Dent May– Because you know what music you like, but you don’t know much about Mississippi (except how to spell it).

Steve Gunn– An intoxicating guitar song is as necessary as water.

Spectre Folk– Pete Nolan. Pete Meehan. Steve Shelley. A pretty and twisted racket…

Woodsman– Get foggy!

tooth ache.- Intricate soundscapes from a Vermont solo star.

TASTES to whet your appetite…

Dent May: Eastover Wives

tooth ache.: Skin

Woodsman: Balance

Previously posted: “Burning Bridge” by Spectre Folk. Here’s the video by Pax Paloscia:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Also previously posted: “Mr. Franklin” by Steve Gunn.

The bee is the pollinator. The flower is so pretty. The butterfly came from a nasty coffin that was actually its beginning and not its end. What is the crazy but simple process of reproduction, growth, life? Ask your self that question and the only answer you’ll get, while watching this video, will sound like a comforting “hey yo” that buzzes and bounces around inside.

Woodsman video for “When the Morning Comes” …

Vodpod videos no longer available.


Woodsman plays Micro-Pixel-Rites Official CMJ Showcase on Tuesday, Oct. 19 at Glasslands. Doors at 830.

Dent May// Steve Gunn// Spectre Folk// Woodsman// tooth ache.

Woodsman: When the Morning Comes

Pill Wonder at the UP Ranch, SXSW 2010

Pill Wonder‘s LP has basically been living on the turntable. Watch this video for the live experience, which is truly different from the one you get listening at home. There’s so much going on. I LOVE two drummers. It’s not overkill at all.

This was shot and edited by Samantha Cornwell at MICRO-PIXEL-RITES’ SXSW Showcase way back in March.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Those in attendance at MICRO-PIXEL-RITES were given the rare opportunity of seeing a stripped down Alex Bleeker and the Freaks set. Missing was lead guitarist Alex Craig of Big Troubles, and in his place, Real Estate drummer Etienne Duguay, on the big red bongo.

I like Bleeker as the lone guitar player. It makes his melodies the center of attention, and brings Martin Courtney’s smart as hell bass playing out from behind a wall of sound. Courtney is a skilled bass player, as well as songwriter, clearly. He doesn’t just anchor the songs, he moves around the neck a lot. What he plays could be sung by a back-up vocalist.

Visitation Rites has another memory, Family Portrait doing “Waitberry.” As Emilie reflects, it’s hard to believe this was nearly a month ago. A lot, and nothing, has changed.

“Getting By” is off the just released Group Tightener 7″ “These Days.” Get it here. Download “Getting By.”

Alex Bleeker: “Getting By”


Vodpod videos no longer available.

Yeah, I know, these memories are a little out of order. But that’s how memories are remembered, yes? Without further blah blah’s, here’s Cloud Nothings, a band I really love for their utter infectiousness. Shot by the awesome Samantha Cornwell.

Also, you may not know this song…

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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After much anticipation, we present RANGERS, in what was just their second live performance ever. Soothe yourself with these underwater jams. Imagine yourself swimming on waves on synth. And guess what? Pretty soon you’re going to be able to start swimming for real. It’s going to be 88 degrees today in Brooklyn.

PS- Check out the heady jams and the matching headstock on the bass player’s cherry red Fender! Wooooo.

This is a pretty good example of how the best parts of SXSW felt. A little twisted, a lot hot. You know?

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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The super talented Erez Avissar shot these pics at MICRO-PIXEL-RITES. He has a certain way of capturing moods, that Rez. Don’t you think? What i get from these pics: serenity, the impermanent feeling of sunshine, familiarity… do you feel that too?

More after the jump…

Hey, hey!!

The MICRO-PIXEL-RITES Showcase was truly a fucking rad experience, as has been reported all over Twitter, the Internets, etc. etc. I can’t really add much except to say I drank a ton of beer, smiled a lot, got a sun burn, wore many hats throughout the day (literally and figuratively) and found out that Dana Jewell thinks i’m cute, and we’ve never met! Woo!

My ladies Emilie (Visitation Rites) and Elise (Pixelhorse) have both posted great reports:

We the ladies of MICRO-PIXEL-RITES are glowing as if in basking in the moment after childbirth. Although we’ve been ripped, zipped, and stitched back together, we are forever grateful for the miracle we have been allowed to bestow upon this earth.

See pics at Pixelhorse….

The Micro-Pixel-Rites’ SXSW debut on Thursday, March 18 was a family affair — and not only because it united a host of musicians, label people, and “blogger types” who were already acquainted either online and off. Even if you rolled up to a sea of strange faces, the afternoon was so long and the summer camp vibe was so strong that you were pretty much bound to leave feeling like you had known everyone there since you braved your first cannonball off the dock. I know we are adults now, but it was just that kind of day.

Read more from Emilie and see more pics at Visitation Rites…

There will be more pics coming soon for the always awesome Erez Avissar, so stay tuned for those. We’re also posting what we’re lovingly calling our SXSW “memories,” videos of each band performing that fateful and amazing day.

Memory 1: No Demons Here

Memory 2: Big Troubles

Stay tuned to MICRO-PIXEL-RITES for more memories to come!

Also, see Liz Pelly’s video for Brooklyn Vegan of the high-energy Cleveland boys Cloud Nothings:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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The MICRO-PIXEL-RITES, “Sisters Doin’ It For Themselves” SXSW Showcase was documented and is being presented one memory at a time. These memories were shot by 2/3 of MICRO-PIXEL-RITES (Emilie and Elise), and Visitation Rites contributor and all-around swell gal Samantha Cornwell.

Here’s Memory #2, Big Troubles doing “Slouch.” If you weren’t there this will magically transport you. Can you feel the sun? It was nice and warm…

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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