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Dutch Treat, McDonald’s at Don Pedro’s, 8ish


Deerhoof, Father Murphy at Le Poisson Rouge, 8

The Thermals, Cymbals Eat Guitars, So Cow at Irving Plaza, 7


Rum DMT, Woodsman, La Big Vic, Night Manager, Birthdays at Shea Stadium, 9

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Daniel Francis Doyle, Fiasco, Bird Names, Dinowalrus, Cavex at Death by Audio, 8ish

Dungen, The Entrance Band at Knitting Factory, 9:30 (and Friday)


Lightning Bolt, Dan Deacon Ensemble, Casiotone for the Painfully Alone at the Ridgewood Temple, 8ish

Parts and Labor, Shy Child, Bunnies, Adult Themes at Glasslands, 9

King Khan & The Shrines, Gentleman Jesse & His Men, Golden Triangle at Santos Party House, 7ish

Dead Kennedys at Irving Plaza, 7

Deerhunter, Real Estate, Casino Versus Japan at Webster Hall, 6


Magik Markers, Iyes, Steve Gunn & Johnny Truscinski at Shea Stadium, 8

Weekends, Web Dating, Data Dog, Antimagic, Mala Strana at Coco66, 8

Turbo Fruits, Liquor Store, Pujol, Dream Diary at Death by Audio, 8

King Khan & The Shrines, Gentleman Jesse & His Men, Live Fast Die at the Bell House, 8


Beach Fossils at Brooklyn Bowl, 8, FREE

Widowspeak, Sweet Bulbs, MINKS, Total Slacker, X-Ray Eyeballs at Death by Audio, 8



Calexico at City Winery, 8

Alan Licht, Noveller, Fair Use, Kathleen Supove at Littlefield, 7:30


Total Slacker, Weekends, Ava Luna, Mala Strana at Glasslands, 9

Fiasco, Summer Blondes, Large Lady, Starscream at Shea Stadium, 9


Antibalas at Battery Park, 7


Thurston Moore, Bill Orcutt, Family Battle Snake at Glasslands, 9ish

Unicornicopia, 12,000 Trees, Imaginary Weapons, Follower at Monster Island, 8ish

Big Troubles, Doug Gillard (ex-GBV), Apollo Ghosts, Lame Drivers at Bruar Falls, 8

Free Energy, Best Coast, Loose Limbs at South Street Seaport, 6

Gary War, Super Vacations, K-Holes, Sultan at Death by Audio, 8ish

Modest Mouse at the Williamsburg Waterfront, 6:30


M.I.A., Die Antwoord, Skream, Benga, Sleigh Bells, Theophilus London, Borgore, Destructo, 12th Planet, NGUZUNGUZU, NinjaSonik at Governor’s Island, 4

Ariel Pink, Puro Instinct (formerly Pearl Harbor), The Magic Kids at Irving Plaza, 8

Fiasco, The Toothaches, Adult Themes, Luke Rathborne, Sweet Bulbs at Live at the Pyramids, 8ish

MV/EE, Spectre Folk, Kuupuu, Herbcraft at Shea Stadium, 9


Teengirl Fantasy, Blondes, SSPS at Monster Island, 8ish

Cap’n Jazz, Lightning Bolt, No Age, The Death Set at Jelly Williamsburg Waterfront, 2


Mahogany, Weekends, Byrds of Paradise, Graffiti Monsters, Unsolved Mysteries at Knitting Factory, 7

Pic by Lauren Bilanko

Pic by Lauren Bilanko

I’ll never forget the first time I saw Lightning Bolt. I was at a hometown show- in Providence- visiting my friend Joe. He’s a Rhode Islander by birth and introduced me to the band while we were still in college. Let’s just say I’d never heard anything like that before. We took acid and were like “woah!” Anyway we went to the show, we were out of college. The room was hot as hell- and dark and smelly. I couldn’t believe the devotion of the fans. I mean, I was dripping, with other people’s sweat! It was so nasty and yet I didn’t care. The band was so ferocious I had to put my own issues aside. Anyway the LB have a new album coming out soon and they are now super popular. The last show I went to was in Brooklyn and there were probably 10 times as many people at that show. It is NYC though- wayyy more people live here than in Providence. Anyway, here’s “Flooded Chamber” off the upcoming album, “Earthly Delights,” out tomorrow. Props to The Fader for posting.

Lightning Bolt: Flooded Chamber

Sexual Chocolate from Crystal Antlers

Sexual Chocolate from Crystal Antlers

WORDS AND PHOTOS by Dan Catalinotto

This year’s FYF Fest was held at the Los Angeles Historic State Park, a calm, dusty park next to a trainyard and a bunch of industrial warehouses just below the main drag in Chinatown, where even the temples are framed in neon lights.

The park is on Schwarzenegger’s hitlist- since our California legislators can’t agree on a funding plan, hundreds of state parks are in danger of being budgeted out of existence. The FYF Fest organizers made this the unifying theme of the festival, calling on everyone to “Save Our State Parks,” then promptly closing off the park to the non-paying public and allowing thousands of kids to spread hot dog wrappers and plastic bottles all over the ground and tear up the grass. But I digress- what the festival may have lacked in full-thinking, (including horrifying lines for everything from the ticket counter to the one water fountain and weird scheduling glitches that had some bands playing before anyone was allowed in the park), it made up for by providing a showcase of a wide variety of acts, new and veteran and near-veteran, that have been buzzing on blogs and in clubs for years.

The first band I saw was Portland’s Eat Skull. They thumped and droned and seemed a bit mellowed out by the 90-degree heat. They have a similar feel to early, “Loser”-era Beck, which is always a great thing. Unfortunately, their short set lost energy as it went on and they seemed relieved to be finished at the end.

I then saw Dios, a local Southern California band that has a surfy, breezy country-tinged feel. Their singer and guitar player, Joel Morales, also plays bass in one of my favorite bands around, The Underground Railroad to Candyland, but Dios is Joel’s show. The band sounded perfect in the hot sun; the keyboards swelled and rose over the park, and Joel’s high voice was calm and captivating.

Morales’s voice is high, but he has nothing on Jeremy Earl from Brooklyn’s freak folk band Woods, who were playing at the same time as Dios on a nearby stage. Earl’s voice, though, seems like a total affectation, as if he’s trying to one-up Neil Young. In spite of that, I thought Woods sounded great; their folk chops were good enough and the dude kneeling on the floor, turning knobs on a tape effects machine really brought energy and weirdness to what could have been a standard folk rock jam-along fronted by a weary cartoon mouse.



Long Beach psych punks Crystal Antlers were next. They’re one of my favorite local bands, but they’ve gone through some recent changes, adding a second guitarist and replacing their keyboard player after their old one supposedly disappeared while they were on tour in Spain. The first time I saw them with the new lineup, in a smallish dive bar, I thought they’d lost some muscle and added too much unfocused noise to their sound. However, on the FYF festival main stage, they sounded tight and focused and absolutely blistered through their short set. As always, their percussionist, Sexual Chocolate, provided an overload of personality to balance the serious, sometimes angry psychedelic noise the rest of the band was making, which was anchored by Johnny Bell’s bass and screams. One of the top sets of the day for sure.

Read on for Wavves, Lightning Bolt, Times New Viking, Converge & More!


Vivian Girls, The Beets, Real Estate, Best Fwends at Death by Audio, 8ish


Hopewell at Union Pool, 10ish


Cymbals East Guitars, These Are Powers, The Drums, Real Estate at Brooklyn Bowl (Insound Party), 8ish


Noveller, Burning Star Core, Ducktails at Bruar Falls, 8ish

F, S, S:

After The Jump Fest,tons of bands, Littlefield, all day


Zs, Psychic Ills, Screaming Females, Air Waves, at the Yard, noon-ish


Lightning Bolt, Broadway Backyard, 3ish

Beach House (w/ Grizzly Bear), Williamsburg Waterfront, 3ish

Terrastock, Providence Photo by Minoru Tsuyuki

Terrastock, Providence Photo by Minoru Tsuyuki

The new Lightning Bolt track shows that the band has taken a departure from their previous place in the noise scene. While the elements are still there: spastic, intense drumming, fuzzed-out bass and distorted vocals, what is new is the simplistic and, dare i say, poppy, song structure. Bassist Brian Gibson on the new track off the upcoming album (called Earthly Delights, out on Oct. 13) is playing a little more directly here- his part is repetitive and has a driving bass line feel to it. Whereas earlier LB songs had the bass acting as a guitar, here its just acting as a bass. Brian Chippendale’s drumming and mask-singing (he has a microphone inside his mouth under there) is pretty consistent. He is really sick. In a good way.

Don’t get me wrong, I still like this, it makes me feel craaaaazy. But I don’t think this track stands up against the more bizarre stuff the band has done before. It’s just not as interesting. But it’s also more than just noise, duh.

Lightning Bolt: Colossus

Lightning Bolt: Colossus

UPDATE: tour dates:
08/29 New Haven,CT TBA
08/30 Brooklyn, NY 979 Broadway Backyard
08/31 Philadelphia, PA First Unitarian Church
09/05 Los Angeles, CA FYF Fest Presents Save Our State Parks!


The Vegan has a report and lots of good photos.

For those not in the know, Black Pus is the side project of Brian Chippendale from Lightning Bolt. It’s basically crazy noises but some of the songs actually have a bit of melody, kinda similar to Lightning Bolt.

Damnit I always miss this band. Last year he opened for The Boredoms at Terminal 5, which was siiiiiick, and I missed that too. Boo.

On another note, that’s my friend Joe’s friend Mike Bojangles (i think that’s his name) wielding the video camera in one of the pics. He’s been documenting Lightning Bolt, and apparently Black Pus, for years.


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