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Total Slacker, Ava Luna, Red Romans (members of Beach Fossils) at Union Pool, 9

Prince Rama and La Big Vic at Glasslands, 10

Beirut, WOOM at Music Hall of Williamsburg, 8ish

The Nels Cline Singers at (le) Poisson Rouge, 8ish


Delorean at Stuy Town Oval, 7 FREE

Wolf Eyes, Black Dice, Growing at Secret Project Robot, 8ish

El Guincho and Janka Nabay at (le) Poisson Rouge, 10


Yellow Fever and Dream Diary at Cake Shop, 8ish

Phosphorescent, Dawes at Pier 64, 6 FREE


Yellow Fever, Wet Dog, Larkin Grimm and MINKS at Monster Island Basement, 8ish

Bandit Teeth, Baby Birds Don’t Drink Milk, Blissed Out at Cake Shop, 8ish

Real Estate, Kurt Vile and Big Troubles at (le) Poisson Rouge, 8

Zola Jesus at South Street Seaport, 6ish


Real Estate and Kurt Vile at Maxwell’s, 9

Delorean, Tanlines, Glasser at Bowery Ballroom, 8:30

Bandit Teeth, Baby Birds Don’t Drink Milk at Coco 66, 8ish



Dan Deacon, Lower Dens at Red Hook Park, 7

Warpaint, Beach Fossils, Many Mansions at Knitting Factory, 8ish

First Aid Kit at the Bell House, 8ish (and Wednesday at Mercury Lounge)


Kurt Vile, The Mad Scene, Meg Baird at Union Pool, 9

Ducktails, Wild Nothing, Velvet Davenport, Woodsman at Monster Island Basement, 8

Eddy Current Suppression Ring, Pissed Jeans and others at Cake Shop, 9ish (and Saturday at Death by Audio)


Bitches Brew Revisited at Prospect Park Bandshell, 7:30

Zola Jesus, Effi Briest, Nice Face, Amen Dunes at Glasslands, 8ish

Frog Eyes, Beach Fossils, Pearly Gate Music, You Can Be A Wesley at Mercury Lounge, 8ish


HEALTH, Indian Jewelry, Gold Panda at Music Hall of Williamsburg, 8ish

Matador has just made available for one day only Kurt Vile‘s EP, Square Shells. How nice of those folks!

The most interesting song is “Losing Momentum (for Jim Jarmusch), which feels to me like parts of Neil Young’s score to another Jarmusch film, and one of my favorites ever, Dead Man.The sound isn’t the same, it’s more of a vibe. Like being lost in a thick haze of confusion brought on by Peyote.

What do you think?


Wavves, MNDR, Total Slacker at Brooklyn Bowl, 8ish

El Perro Del Mar, Taken by Trees at LPR, 9ish (also Wed. at Knitting Factory)

Exceptor at Glasslands, 9ish

Shark?, Total Slacker (?) at Pianos, 9ish


Thrones, Evangelista (Carla Bozulich) at Ash’s Place, 8ish (Evangelista 2 sets at The Stone on Sat.)

Aa, Liturgy, Dan Friel, Grasshopper at Don Pedro’s, 8ish

Lemonade, Brahms (formerly known as Cale Parks), Future Trends at Glasslands, 9ish

Tinariwen, Fool’s Gold at Highline Ballroom, 8ish (also Fri. at the Bell House)

Fucked Up, Kurt Vile at Maxwell’s, 9ish (also Friday at Europa w/ Frankie and the Outs)


Truman Peyote, Many Mansions, Philip Seymour Hoffman at Surreal Estate, 8ish

Jason Boesel at Bowery Ballroom, 8ish

Secret Machines, Bear in Heaven, Mon Khmer, Noveller, Papa at Glasslands, 8:30ish

Dirty Projectors at Lincoln Center, 8:30


Pygmy Shrews, Golden Girls, Byrds of Paradise, Tough Knuckles at Bruar Falls, 8ish (PopJew Presents!)

Chris Brokaw at Issue Project Room, 8ish

Crystal Stilts, The Beets, Christmas Island, Beach Fossils, German Measles at Music Hall of Williamsburg, 7:30

These Are Powers (release party), MNDR, Blondes, JDH & Dave P at DCTV (Coco 66?), 8ish


Dum Dum Girls, Frankie Rose and The Outs, Happy Birthday, Coasting at Mercury Lounge, 7ish

Kurt Vile just won’t be stopped. It seems he’s been on tour for a year. He’s always “back in Brooklyn” and there’s always new songs, recordings, what not. Did you check out NYCTaper’s live show from the Bowery Ballroom? What a GREAT recording. It’s almost like Vile, who is knows for echoes and reverbs and hazy sound, was made to play a place like BB, which is a cavernous echo chamber…

“I Wanted Everything” is a haunting, acoustic song that is typical Vile.The 7″ it’s off of, Meet the Philly Elite, is sold out.

Available now: a lovingly 4-tracked new LP, God Is Saying This To You, which is a compilation of tracks from Overnite KV, a tour-only CDR made in conjunction with Kurt’s other project (The War on Drugs), and a handful of other songs. Get it here.

Vile is playing Maxwell’s on Feb. 18 and Europa on the 19th. Go to Maxwell’s, it’s not too far…

Kurt Vile: I Wanted Everything

Kurt Vile played acoustic guitar last night at the FADER sponsored free night at Brooklyn Bowl- which is kind of my favorite place in the world- except when it comes to seeing bands. The stage is perfect for, say, Death Cab for Cutie or some other major lamo emo-band with a huge following. But Brooklyn Bowl is a cavernous bat cave, and Kurt Vile is a skinny, probably 5’6″ scrawny guitar player. It just didn’t look, feel or sound right.

Maybe with his band he could have pulled it off. Maybe.

I love Kurt Vile — some of his songs make me want to run around screaming like Maria in The Sound of Music, but last night I’d rather have been a bowler screaming when her team wins.

This is a example of wrong place, wrong time. So I honestly don’t feel writing a review of Vile to be productive. Could he have known better? Sure. Should he have run loops on every song to bolster the sound as he did on a few but not all tracks? Yes. But the guy has been non-stop touring for months, so I don’t think he needs to be harangued.

Why did the FADER book him to play this show? Of course they love him, we all do. Perhaps it was contractual?

Small Black, on the other hand, fit the setting. And the crowd knew it. Unlike when Vile played, people stayed around and danced during their set. Honestly it was sad to see Vile all alone on a big, bright and empty stage while the crowd thinned out.

Small Black performed while I was eating chicken across the room. They were having a ball — moving all over the stage and utilizing their effects and sound systems well. At first I thought their sound was a bit dull, but they got into the groove like Madonna, and played a fun and inspired set.

Not a bad night, but I was hoping for a little more passion. Vile should stick with the Silent Barn. Agreed?


Kurt Vile, Wild Yaks at Europa, 8 pm (email to enter to win 2 tickets!)

Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros and Fools Gold at (and Wed. at Music Hall of Williamsburg) 8ish


Javelin, Juiceboxxx at Monster Island Basement

Dirty Projectors, Tune-Yards at Bowery Ballroom, 8ish (also Thursday and Saturday at Music Hall of Williamsburg and Sunday at BB)

Big Star, Kurt Vile at the Brooklyn Masonic Temple, 8ish

Times New Viking at Mercury Lounge, 10ish (and Thursday at Union Pool, 10ish, Friday at Maxwell’s, 10ish)


DIY In Brooklyn pres. by Break Thru Radio featuring Frat Dad and Byrds of Paradise at Shea Stadium, 8


Lemonade and Tanlines at Glasslands, 9ish

Fuck Buttons, Growing at Market Hotel, 9ish


Sonic Youth, Dinosaur Jr., Cold Cave at Terminal 5, 8ish


Pixies at Hammerstein Ballroom, 8ish

Hey Hey! Who wants to go see Kurt Vile tonight? I’ve got two tickets up for grabs– last minute contest woo woo! Seriously though- it’s going to be a great show. Vile is utterly awesome– and he and the Violators (his band) have been on the road for about a month now. That shit is gonna be tight!!

The show is tonight at Europa in Greenpoint and also on the bill is Wild Yaks, Home Blitz and Pink Reason. Killer bill!

If you want the tickets email me at Do it fast and i’ll pick a name at random this afternoon.


The Kurt Vile that performed at Mercury Lounge last week was calm, collected, directed and certainly enthusiastic. But he was NOTHING like how he is in the “Freak Train” video. And that’s rad. And I think this is why I like some music videos. They allow the band or singer to be actors for a bit.

In Vile’s songs he sings lyrics that are biting: “flapping and flipping around like a fish!” “turns his back when he was down, down.” ETC. But live Vile didn’t have the passion and punch. He does in this video, for sure:

This is the review of last night’s show I wrote for the NYPress:

Kurt Vile hid behind his hair but stood center stage firmly and confidently. He had nothing to lose, nothing to fear. His Matador release, “Childish Prodigy,” just came out, he’s been on the positive side of the blog-buzz for many, many months and the Mercury Lounge was sold out.

Vile is from Philly, a city that seems to have a “strong solidarity behind our bands” thing going on. Birds of Maya, another Philly act, have played a couple of shows with Vile and the Violators on the tour. My friend from Philly told me to check them out months ago- “shredders” he called them- and he was right.

But back to Vile. He began the show with two acoustic numbers- the second and better one being “Peeping Tom,” which is so devastating in its intensity that I had to tweet the lyrics.

“I don’t wanna work, but I don’t wanna sit around.”

Here’s a video of that song shot at the Silent Barn by Ray Concepcion:
Vodpod videos no longer available.

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Vile’s band then joined him on stage for what can only be described as a riotous attempt. Attempting to tackle something is half the battle, but sometimes you don’t make it. Even though some of Vile’s new songs, notably “Hunchback” and “Overnite Religion,” were great with all the added embellishments (2 guitarists and a drummer) something was lost in the overkill. With so much behind him, Vile’s vocals took a back seat, and were delivered almost lazily. This is too bad because he is an expert syllabic singer: meandering over lines, changing notes and exchanging yelps with howls easily.

That said- the songs are still intriguing indie rock- some a little country, some a little bluesy, some even more avant-garde than you’d expect. On one particularly rollicking song, J Turbo, one of his 2 guitarists (why isn’t there a bassist???) literally wailed on the saxophone.

Kurt Vile performed well at what was surely a high-stakes show- I think as the tour goes on the band will get even more into the groove- and hopefully Vile will get the confidence to bring his singing back to the forefront.

A few words on Birds of Maya- damn!! Okay that was one word. But seriously, these guys were rhythm and blues with a punk rock kick. The guitarist, unlike Vile and his 2 guitarists, played with no pedals and was dancing and storming and jumping all over the stage all while playing like Jimi Hendrix- no joke. Vile and his bandmates seemed almost held back by the number of pedals in front of them- this guy had no issues like that. Heavy rhythmic bass guided the songs- leaving the guitarist to squeal all over them.


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