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Long overdue on these cmj snaps from the RQ x MME show at Shea Stadium. Revel in the October vibessss.

Pigeons/Fluffy Lumbers/Ecstatic Sunshine/Street Chant/Family Portrait/Andrew Cedermark

See BIG here.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Here’s a demo version of the great Family Portrait song, “Glide Part 1,” a song set to appear on the band’s upcoming LP on Underwater Peoples. Evan J. Brody’s wailing vocals are present, of course, and so is a pretty tambourine line. Press play and live out the rest of your Thursday harmoniously.

The band’s been playing this song live for a little bit– if you haven’t heard it you’ve got a few chances next week! Family Portrait plays the Rose Quartz x Microphone Memory Emotion Unofficial CMJ Showcase on Friday, Oct. 22 at Shea Stadium. Flyer below.

Family Portrait: Glide Part 1 (demo)



Ducktails, Family Portrait, Tennis at Cake Shop, 8

Memory Tapes and Tanlines at the Bell House, 8


Tennis, Magic Bullets, Family Portrait, Cool Runnings, Night Manager at Glasslands, 9


Oneohtrix Point Never, ARP, James Ferraro, Future Shuttle,Blondes (DJ Set) at Coco66, 9

Sisters, Girlfriends, Slow Animal, Sweet Bulbs, Candy Heart at Cake Shop, 8

Tanlines at Whitney Museum, 7


Wild Nothing, Blank Dogs, Cosmetics, MINKS at Bowery Ballroom, 7

White Out with Thurston Moore, Carlos Giffoni, C. Spencer Yeh, Fat Worm of Error at Knitting Factory, 8


Delorean at the Williamsburg Waterfront, 2 (This is on, right??!)


The Babies, Pygmy Shrews, Unnatural Helpers at Silent Barn, 8ish

MNDR, Silk Flowers at Mercury Lounge, 6:30

Pics from Friday night at Matchless, the MME curated Brooklyn Based Northside Showcase.







Dan Turnbull, Orca Age at Goodbye Blue Monday, 8

Nonhorse, Shams, Dj Dog Dick, The Babies, Sewn Leather at Silent Barn, 8ish

Sam Amidon at Mercury Lounge, 7ish


Oneohtrix Point Never, Steve Moore, No Fun Acid (Carlos Giffoni), Autre Ne Veut at Glasslands, 8 (NORTHSIDE FEST)

Wavves, Cloud Nothings, Dom at Knitting Factory, 8ish (NORTHSIDE FEST)

Tame Impala, Amazing Baby at Pianos, 8

Aa, Yellow Fever, Air Waves, PC Worship, Coasting at Union Pool, 730ish (NORTHSIDE FEST)


Desert Stars, Woom at Bruar Falls, 10 (NORTHSIDE FEST)

We Are Country Mice, Eternal Summers, Grooms, Viernes, Dream Diary at Cameo Gallery, 8 (NORTHSIDE FEST)

Family Portrait, Fluffy Lumbers, Coasting, Bermuda Bonnie at Matchless, 9 (NORTHSIDE FEST)

Real Estate, Woods, The Fresh & Onlys, Sic Alps, Moon Duo at Music Hall of Williamsburg, 8 (NORTHSIDE FEST)


Titus Andronicus, Male Bonding, Cults at Newtown Barge, 1:30 (NORTHSIDE FEST)

Tinariwen, Omar Souleyman, Toubab Krewe at Central Park Summerstage, 3

Ducktails, Big Troubles, Woom, No Demons Here, Dana Jewell, Archers, Andrew Cedarmark at Shea Stadium, 8ish (NORTHSIDE FEST)

Lower Dens, Dark Dark Dark, Matteah Baim, Frankie & The Outs, Total Slacker, Coasting, Union at Death by Audio, 8 (NORTHSIDE FEST)

Liars, Fucked Up, High Places at Newtown Barge, 6 (NORTHSIDE FEST)

Memory Tapes, Twin Sister, DOM, ZAZA at Music Hall of Williamsburg, 8 (NORTHSIDE FEST)

Zs, David Linton at Issue Project Room, 8 (NORTHSIDE FEST)


Dark Dark Dark, Arches, Vandaveer, Callers, Annie and the Beekeepers at Zebulon, 7 (NORTHSIDE FEST)

Exactly one week from today, the 2nd Annual Northside Festival begins. The weekend features upwards of 300 bands, and tons of showcases sponsored and curated by your favorite bloggers, blogs, labels, news outlets, etc.

Brooklyn Based asked me, or rather MME, to curate their showcase, which is going down Friday, June 25 at Matchless. The line-up is stellar…

First up is Bermuda Bonnie, a duo out of Brooklyn by way of Philly that plays adorable electronic pop. With subjects like sunny days, houseboats, rockets and boys, this music will make you feel sprightly and in love.

Fluffy Lumbers is the main project of Sam Franklin. Fluffy Lumbers music is a hazy and soaring loud mess of guitars run through reverb pedals–one part melody via Weezer and one part nostalgia via 80s pop. (But you all know that.)

Next is the Bushwick powerhouse Coasting featuring Madison Farmer on guitar and vocals and Fiona Campbell on drums and vocals. These two women are forward-thinking, feminist party animals whose minimal music will send shivers straight up your punk rock spine. In a 90s DC-era style, Coasting is fast and hard. Also, Farmer and Campbell hail from Arkansas and New Zealand, respectively, which must pique your interest, right?

And up last is the Underwater People’s Records house band, aptly named Family Portrait. Family Portrait makes music that oozes with old school charm but whose sound is fully modern. These are pop space jams with smoky lyrics by Elvis lookalike and lead singer/guitarist Evan Brody.

At each show a limited number of badge holders will be admitted and there are no pre-sale tickets so get there early. (There are $1 Heinekens from 8 to 10 p.m. so you’ve got no reason to be late.) Matchless, 557 Manhattan Ave., right across from McCarren Park, Friday, June 25. Doors at 8:30, bands at 9. $6.

9 Bermuda Bonnie
9:45 Fluffy Lumbers
10:30 Coasting
11:15 Family Portrait


Vodpod videos no longer available. Vodpod videos no longer available.

Both videos shot by Samantha Cornwel at Micro-Pixel-Rites SXSW 2010.

Real Estate played a brand new song a couple of nights ago in Philly. The Styrofoam Drone caught it (and others and some by Family Portrait) on video. Check it out… it may appear on a 7″, according to the post, according to Martin Courtney III. I think i’ve heard this song before…

Vodpod videos no longer available.

The super talented Erez Avissar shot these pics at MICRO-PIXEL-RITES. He has a certain way of capturing moods, that Rez. Don’t you think? What i get from these pics: serenity, the impermanent feeling of sunshine, familiarity… do you feel that too?

More after the jump…

It kinda makes total sense that of course the best SXSW show I saw actually went down about 30 minutes outside the madness of downtown Austin. Yes, I’m talking about the infamous Underwater Peoples Ranch show. The dudes of UP rented a big ranch with a huge yard and an even more huge bed. At night bugs that resembled fluffy cotton floated through the air. It didn’t really matter that it was close to 40 degrees because when the bands played you forgot and continued drinking.

I saw some of the best bands at SXSW there too… Sleepover, Reading Rainbow, Pill Wonderrrrr. Check the slideshow below for pics of those bands and more, as well as some homies (bloggers) you may recognize. Austin, I don’t miss you. But the ranch? That shit was comfortable.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

more about “Underwater Peoples’ Ranch Party“, posted with vodpod

I wanted to throw up these pictures real quick so you could all see, in part, how fucking awesome the show was yesterday. Located a little bit outside of the downtown Austin shit show, MICRO-PIXEL-RITES was a chill space with positive vibes, grass, beer, amazing hand-made seitan bbq sandwiches and hand cut fries. But you want to hear about the bands!

They were all shiny. Each band played like they were into you as much as you were into them. Must have been, again, the vibezzzz. From Big Troubles’ reverbed roar to the super energized performance of the highly buzzed Cloud Nothings, from the psychedelic haze of Rangers’ second performance ever to Family Portrait’s ability to make you feel in the future and the past at the same time, to Twin Sister, oh my god Twin Sister, save your heart now, to the always true Alex Bleeker and the Freaks to the female riot power of Coasting, to Pill Wonder, what a wonder with 2 drum kits and finally, Campfires, Jeff Walls’ Chicago bedroom project that is now a loud onslaught of pop. WOAH.

Family Portrait


Twin Sister

Alex Bleeker and the Freaks

Big Troubles


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