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A long time back inquiries were made to one Etienne Pierre Duguay about a side project called Silver Futures.

Silver Futures is what was borne out of a fruitful relationship between Duguay and Mark McGuire from Emeralds. Initially bonding in Cleveland over a barrel of MSG, and then turning their collective  dream into a realization in Brooklyn at Duguay’s apartment, the Pleasure Dome Lounge, Duguay and McGuire made music. The venue they met at was an old Chinese food restaurant. It was Emeralds third show, and Duguay was on tour with Julian Lynch, then Lese Majesty. Said Duguay:

Two musicians together in a room are bound to jam, especially since we spent some time rekindling our friendship with our mutual love of Popol Vuh…The album itself is based on a short story written by Tom Piccirilli with influences from Eliza’s Horoscope (starring Tommy Lee Jones) and Clive Barker’s Transmutations (1985).

And so: two great minds + a few avant-influences + open head space = Silver Futures.

Mark McGuire is playing a solo show at Glasslands tomorrow (Tuesday) night. The show was organized by… EPD. INFO HERE.

You can download the whole tape, which is totally sold-out, here. Below is side A–ambient and sonic explorations into unknown, virtual lands.

Silver Futures: Transmutations/ Contract Ice

I got wet at Todd P’s unamplified, acoustic “bbq” on Sunday. Check it out:

When two shirtless men playing bongos tell you to clap, you clap–even when the sky is pouring rain, even when you’re all the way out in Jamaica Bay, even when you’re one of only 25 or so people at the show.

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