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Ducktails, Family Portrait, Tennis at Cake Shop, 8

Memory Tapes and Tanlines at the Bell House, 8


Tennis, Magic Bullets, Family Portrait, Cool Runnings, Night Manager at Glasslands, 9


Oneohtrix Point Never, ARP, James Ferraro, Future Shuttle,Blondes (DJ Set) at Coco66, 9

Sisters, Girlfriends, Slow Animal, Sweet Bulbs, Candy Heart at Cake Shop, 8

Tanlines at Whitney Museum, 7


Wild Nothing, Blank Dogs, Cosmetics, MINKS at Bowery Ballroom, 7

White Out with Thurston Moore, Carlos Giffoni, C. Spencer Yeh, Fat Worm of Error at Knitting Factory, 8


Delorean at the Williamsburg Waterfront, 2 (This is on, right??!)


The Babies, Pygmy Shrews, Unnatural Helpers at Silent Barn, 8ish

MNDR, Silk Flowers at Mercury Lounge, 6:30

Friday night’s Julian Lynch, Ducktails, Campfires, Big Troubles, La Big Vic show feels like a distant dream at this point, but it wasn’t long ago. Already YouTube user John Maurer has uploaded a great video of the night’s closing song, “Droplet on a Hot Stone.” Lynch’s band left the stage (except for Sam Franklin) and he was joined by Matt Mondanile of Ducktails and Real Estate and Alex Bleeker of the Freaks and Real Estate. I was brought right back. Hopefully you will be too. And if you missed the show, well, here’s a glimpse…


drawn by Karen Aragon

Back at Christmastime, 2008, before I was listening to Ducktails, Matt Mondanile recorded a live session with Real Estate member and friend Martin Courtney at WFMU in Jersey City. The set has been floating around the past two years, and is regarded as a crystalline portrait of how something great started. Listening to the set now, it’s exciting to think about the careers of these two musicians, and all they have done since then.

The set is being released on wax by Inflated Records and the release party is tonight at Glasslands. Come down and hear Ducktails as well as Julian Lynch, Campfires, Big Troubles and La Big Vic. DJ Marty McSorley, who hosted Ducktails on WFMU, will DJ. Talk about full circle. Doors at 830.

Here’s a taste, “The Mall.” Mondanile’s voice, all coated in effects, announcing who he is, who Ducktails is and even who Real Estate is, shoots a shiver up your spine. It’s a short jaunt-but it bursts at the seams with heavy feelings. Mondanile and Courtney cover “Let’s Rock the Beach” directly after “The Mall.” You’ll hear some of that too.

Ducktails: The Mall (Live on WFMU)


The National and Beach House at Prospect Park, 6


La Otracina, Telecult Powers, La Big Vic at Coco 66, 10

Built to Spill at Irving Plaza, 8

Willie Nelson and Levon Helm at Radio City, 8

We Are Country Mice, Futurebirds, Blair at Cake Shop, 8ish (Stark Presents)


Gary War, Amen Dunes, Coconuts, Prince Rama at Coco 66, 9

Lemonheads at Knitting Factory, 8

The Music Slut 5th Anniversary: Javelin and Keepaway on the Rocks Off Cruise, 7

Campfires, Sleep In Sundays at Shea Stadium, 9


Julian Lynch, Ducktails, Campfires, Big Troubles, La Big Vic at Glasslands, 9 (MME Presents)


Warm Up at PS1 with Animal Collective (DJ Set), Blondes, Oneohtrix Point Never, CFCF, Babe Rainbow, Prince Rama, 2

Sonic Youth, Grass Widow, Talk Normal at Prospect Park, 7


St. Vincent, tUnE-YaRds, Basia Bulat at Central Park Summerstage, 3

Steve Gunn & Johnny Truscinski, Title TK, Noveller, La Big Vic at Glasslands, 8 (BOMB Magazine)

Julian Lynch at The Delancey, 8ish

Jelly Pool Parties Block Party at Brooklyn Bowl, 2ish


Wavves, The Smith Westerns, Total Slacker at Bowery Ballroom, 7ish

If this isn’t the funniest video i’ve seen…. well, I don’t know. Check it out, it features Ducktails at Fort Tilden! Hipster alert! There’s a hippie there too, with dreads.

Also, come see Ducktails sans ocean and dreaded guy (i think) on Friday night at Glasslands.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Friday, July 30, Glasslands, 830 doors

Julian Lynch, Ducktails, Campfires, Big Troubles, La Big Vic

Ducktails: Apple Walk

Get the Mirror Image 7″ on SHDWPLY.



Dan Turnbull, Orca Age at Goodbye Blue Monday, 8

Nonhorse, Shams, Dj Dog Dick, The Babies, Sewn Leather at Silent Barn, 8ish

Sam Amidon at Mercury Lounge, 7ish


Oneohtrix Point Never, Steve Moore, No Fun Acid (Carlos Giffoni), Autre Ne Veut at Glasslands, 8 (NORTHSIDE FEST)

Wavves, Cloud Nothings, Dom at Knitting Factory, 8ish (NORTHSIDE FEST)

Tame Impala, Amazing Baby at Pianos, 8

Aa, Yellow Fever, Air Waves, PC Worship, Coasting at Union Pool, 730ish (NORTHSIDE FEST)


Desert Stars, Woom at Bruar Falls, 10 (NORTHSIDE FEST)

We Are Country Mice, Eternal Summers, Grooms, Viernes, Dream Diary at Cameo Gallery, 8 (NORTHSIDE FEST)

Family Portrait, Fluffy Lumbers, Coasting, Bermuda Bonnie at Matchless, 9 (NORTHSIDE FEST)

Real Estate, Woods, The Fresh & Onlys, Sic Alps, Moon Duo at Music Hall of Williamsburg, 8 (NORTHSIDE FEST)


Titus Andronicus, Male Bonding, Cults at Newtown Barge, 1:30 (NORTHSIDE FEST)

Tinariwen, Omar Souleyman, Toubab Krewe at Central Park Summerstage, 3

Ducktails, Big Troubles, Woom, No Demons Here, Dana Jewell, Archers, Andrew Cedarmark at Shea Stadium, 8ish (NORTHSIDE FEST)

Lower Dens, Dark Dark Dark, Matteah Baim, Frankie & The Outs, Total Slacker, Coasting, Union at Death by Audio, 8 (NORTHSIDE FEST)

Liars, Fucked Up, High Places at Newtown Barge, 6 (NORTHSIDE FEST)

Memory Tapes, Twin Sister, DOM, ZAZA at Music Hall of Williamsburg, 8 (NORTHSIDE FEST)

Zs, David Linton at Issue Project Room, 8 (NORTHSIDE FEST)


Dark Dark Dark, Arches, Vandaveer, Callers, Annie and the Beekeepers at Zebulon, 7 (NORTHSIDE FEST)


Dan Deacon, Lower Dens at Red Hook Park, 7

Warpaint, Beach Fossils, Many Mansions at Knitting Factory, 8ish

First Aid Kit at the Bell House, 8ish (and Wednesday at Mercury Lounge)


Kurt Vile, The Mad Scene, Meg Baird at Union Pool, 9

Ducktails, Wild Nothing, Velvet Davenport, Woodsman at Monster Island Basement, 8

Eddy Current Suppression Ring, Pissed Jeans and others at Cake Shop, 9ish (and Saturday at Death by Audio)


Bitches Brew Revisited at Prospect Park Bandshell, 7:30

Zola Jesus, Effi Briest, Nice Face, Amen Dunes at Glasslands, 8ish

Frog Eyes, Beach Fossils, Pearly Gate Music, You Can Be A Wesley at Mercury Lounge, 8ish


HEALTH, Indian Jewelry, Gold Panda at Music Hall of Williamsburg, 8ish

Ducktails is back with a new song, “Mirror Image.” It’s felt like a long time. Granted, Matt Mondanile has basically been on the road with Real Estate for like… ever? That band is playing tonight in Brooklyn too. Anyway, my head really hurts and this makes it feel better.

It’s a slow moving jam, one that sounds like the jungle in your ears through mosquito netting. There are shaky meringue-like drums, and a dark synth sound to temper that lightness. A keyboard line that relentlessly plays the same progression of notes throughout keeps you grounded during the adventure.

Sometimes, floating away isn’t so bad. But this is life, I mean music, and you’ve gotta appreciate both. The leaving and staying.

The song is being released by SHDWPLY. Get it.

I don’t think there’s any guitar on this track. A change for Ducktails.

Ducktails: Mirror Image

This is so awesome. The song more so than the video, but both. I really like how Ducktails is both introspective and spacey. You can get either a lot or nothing out of the music. “Pizza Time” is off Backyard, an overseas release from Release the Bats. They also seem to have the Julian Lynch/Ducktails split, which I think is sold out elsewhere…

Vodpod videos no longer available.

more about “Ducktails: Pizza Time“, posted with vodpod

Ecstatic Sunshine

The bill at Death by Audio last night featured some of the best minds in noise/experimental electronics. The acts that performed are bound by similar goals, to create tapestries of complex and disorienting sound, but are all different in their approach and in the types of electronics/instruments they use. And thus, their affects are different, too. Where one act confounds, another grants clarity.

Nonhorse is G. Lucas Crane from Woods, and his set up was not a far jump from that which he uses in Woods. The mouthpiece microphone was there, to layer whatever vocals/mumbles he may utter with thick chaos, and the multiple cassette decks, too. Nonhorse makes music that is dizzying as a result of constant aural attacks. He’d move from one sound to another, one tape to the next, without hardly any build or concentrated energy. Quick bursts. A 15 minute stunner made time stand still. (Could it have only lasted 5?)

Ducktails played a mixed set. Starting on the ground with pedals, a keyboard and what seemed to be a sampler of sorts, and then moving up to the chair to play guitar over the sonic texture he’d created, Matt Mondanile makes a play out of one-acts. Each piece, or layer, is an important, nay crucial, part of the full attack. Ducktails set created a more blissful mood, one that had more melody to it, than Nonhorse’s. To conclude the set, Mondanile perhaps took a hint from his other band, Real Estate, and played a short and sweet pop-tune, which he sang over. But let’s not get confused here, the entire song was layered in noise.


Ecstatic Sunshine was up next. The sound of Matt Papich has changed since I last saw him, more than a year ago. And he’s now a one-man band. About a year ago Papich moved to Brooklyn to work with Joe Williams (aka White Williams). The result is Yesterday’s Work, released this past fall. It’s a staggering album, full of experimental guitars looping endlessly, linear song writing, all mixed up with heavy production, creating manipulated sound. It’s got a groove to it, and last night you could feel it ripple through the crowd. Papich moves with ease from guitar to sampler to mixer to “chaos pad,” making such a holy racket it seems definitive. A part of one particularly resonant song was so masterfully built that you could almost feel the collective swell of heartbeats, the tongues in the backs of peoples throats, choking, because it was nearly too much.

Also incorporated into his set are “field recordings,” some from Cedar Point, in Sandusky, Ohio. The mix of “natural” and “unnatural” is crucial to Papich’s ideas on sound.

To close the show, Jason Urick played a laptop. This was the harshest set of the night. If the other acts were a tad muted, or less visceral and in your face, Urick made you forget that. A full onslaught is what he brought. I left before I exploded.


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