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Wild Animal Kingdom. WAKR! Olympia, Washington! Only you could have had a dream like “I love Guided by Voices. I love my friends’ bands. I’m going to make a collection of covers and distribute it!” What’s in the water out there? Acid dreams turn into reality in the PAC NW it seems…

Guided by Guided by Voices is an extremely limited collection, so if you like the band, or those 16 doing the covering, (so far we’ve got Pill Wonder, Bleeker and Brody and Martin Courtney IV),  then you should get on this compilation ASAP.

Sam Franklin, AKA Fluffy Lumbers, takes on the melancholy “Club Molluska,” and gives it the hard-nosed treatment we all have come to love/appreciate. He employs the power of echoes and darkly draped guitar tones and then wails all over it.

“It’s just a runaway wooooorld.”

Fluffy Lumbers: Club Molluska

I generally don’t like the idea of music festivals. Too much to see, too many people, over-priced beer, stages that are too big for indie bands, etc. But I do like The L Magazine’s Northside Festival. Here are my reasons:

1. It’s cheap. Badges, although not guaranteed entry, are only $50, and last for four-days.

2. Sponsoring is minimal. Yeah, Heineken was everywhere. But that was basically it. In the press goody bag I got a healthy aloe drink, pirate booty and a novel. That’s the most inoffensive sponsoring ever.

3. It’s in BROOKLYN!

4. Stages are curated and presented by local blogs and websites. In SXSW fashion, you get to go to your favorite blogs or media peoples’ shows. But it’s on a smaller and more unique scale.

This year marked the 2nd year of Northside, and the bands were great.


Titus Andronicus. Especially when Patrick Stickles told audience members to “not be animals and throw trash everywhere.”

Coasting. This dynamic duo from Brooklyn play fast and ferocious punk rock ala 2010, with tons of reverb. The band played the Brooklyn Based showcase, which MME curated! (Pat on the back.)

Cloud Nothings. The power-pop of alterna-rock Cleveland outfit Cloud Nothings is so infectious you’ll find yourself jumping up and down. The band played its first show opening for Real Estate back in early December, and are on tour with Wavves. That’s not for no reason….

Andrew Cedermark. Does being in a 120 degree room with humidity and feeling like a breath of fresh air is being blown over your soul and into your ears sound possible? It is.

Dana Jewell. Love songs at their most tender.



Dan Turnbull, Orca Age at Goodbye Blue Monday, 8

Nonhorse, Shams, Dj Dog Dick, The Babies, Sewn Leather at Silent Barn, 8ish

Sam Amidon at Mercury Lounge, 7ish


Oneohtrix Point Never, Steve Moore, No Fun Acid (Carlos Giffoni), Autre Ne Veut at Glasslands, 8 (NORTHSIDE FEST)

Wavves, Cloud Nothings, Dom at Knitting Factory, 8ish (NORTHSIDE FEST)

Tame Impala, Amazing Baby at Pianos, 8

Aa, Yellow Fever, Air Waves, PC Worship, Coasting at Union Pool, 730ish (NORTHSIDE FEST)


Desert Stars, Woom at Bruar Falls, 10 (NORTHSIDE FEST)

We Are Country Mice, Eternal Summers, Grooms, Viernes, Dream Diary at Cameo Gallery, 8 (NORTHSIDE FEST)

Family Portrait, Fluffy Lumbers, Coasting, Bermuda Bonnie at Matchless, 9 (NORTHSIDE FEST)

Real Estate, Woods, The Fresh & Onlys, Sic Alps, Moon Duo at Music Hall of Williamsburg, 8 (NORTHSIDE FEST)


Titus Andronicus, Male Bonding, Cults at Newtown Barge, 1:30 (NORTHSIDE FEST)

Tinariwen, Omar Souleyman, Toubab Krewe at Central Park Summerstage, 3

Ducktails, Big Troubles, Woom, No Demons Here, Dana Jewell, Archers, Andrew Cedarmark at Shea Stadium, 8ish (NORTHSIDE FEST)

Lower Dens, Dark Dark Dark, Matteah Baim, Frankie & The Outs, Total Slacker, Coasting, Union at Death by Audio, 8 (NORTHSIDE FEST)

Liars, Fucked Up, High Places at Newtown Barge, 6 (NORTHSIDE FEST)

Memory Tapes, Twin Sister, DOM, ZAZA at Music Hall of Williamsburg, 8 (NORTHSIDE FEST)

Zs, David Linton at Issue Project Room, 8 (NORTHSIDE FEST)


Dark Dark Dark, Arches, Vandaveer, Callers, Annie and the Beekeepers at Zebulon, 7 (NORTHSIDE FEST)

Dana Jewell sent me over this beautiful and stark number that he wrote with Drew Donaghy of Pill Wonder when they played together as Moonstruck. “Okay You’re Gone” is another track in an increasingly rich back catalog from Jewell, who lives in the Pac NW (Olympia) and was until recently a member of Pill Wonder, my new favorite band. A lot of goodness going around…

Jewell says he’s planning a trip East sometime soon. He hopes to play shows but prefers to play acoustic and without microphones. Who has ideas for him? House party?!

“Okay You’re Gone” also features what Jewell says may be his only recorded guitar solo to date…The song has a very minimal feel to it but features some folksy guitar picking and drums that echo, which make it feel colossal. Listen and dream this rain away.

Dana Jewell featuring Drew Donaghy: Okay You’re Gone

Dana Jewell, why are you doing this to me? As if gray Friday mornings weren’t strange enough… Wow, the sun literally just came out and my computer screen is now covered in light. I can’t see.

I’m a sucker for lovelorn acoustic songs. It’s just the folkster in me. It’s the Bob Dylan, the Mary Lou Lord, in my bones.

“We’d settle down, put some roots in the ground.”

Isn’t that what we all want? Transient people eventually, too, grow downward and not just outwards.

“Learned to Write a Song” is one of two gems that I now can call my own. Dana just recorded them yesterday, and they are part of an apparent set/album? called “Songs ‘or The Broken Hearted.” I will share the second one, too, eventually. Good morning and welcome to the bright world.

Dana Jewell: Learned to Write a Song


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