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Teengirl Fantasy and Frankie Rose and the Outs at Brooklyn Bowl, 9ish

Marnie Stern, Little Scream, The Forms at The Rock Shop, 730ish

Built To Spill, Revolt Revolt, Doug Martsch of Built To Spill (DJ Set) at Music Hall of Williamsburg, 8 (and Wednesdayat HighLine Ballroom)

Peter Evans, Expo 70, Telecult Powers at Zebulon, 9


MIA at Brooklyn Bowl, line forms at 7

!!!, Fol Chen, Midnight Magic at Music Hall of Williamsburg, 8 (and Thursday)

Peter Evans, Lichens, Highlife, Callers at Zebulon, 9


Coasting, Reading Rainbow, Night Manager at Glasslands, 8ish

Women, DD/MM/YYYY at the Mercury Lounge, 630ish (?) (And Saturday at Knitting Factory with So Cow)


Teen Inc., Blondes, SFV Acid, Blood Orange, White Rainbow at Monster Island, 8ish

True Panther DJ Party with Blondes at 5 Spot in Fort Greene, 8ish

Games at CoCo66, 9ish


Celebration, Andrew Cedermark, Woodsman, Up Died Sound at Glasslands, 9

White Rainbow, Nihiti, La Big Vic at …., 10ish


Tonstartssbandht, Run DMT, Telenovelas at Glasslands, 830



Walt Whitman Celebration w/ Wingdale Community Singers, Prince Rama and more at Brooklyn Bridge Park, 5

Beach Fossils, Woven Bones, The Beets at Bruar Falls, 8ish


Girlfriends at Bruar Falls, 8

The Beets, Coasting, Alex Bleeker and the Freaks, Dead Gaze, Andrew Cedermark at Monster Island Basement, 8

Crinkles, Reading Rainbow, Family Trees at Cake Shop, 8ish

The Feelies at Maxwell’s, 830 (also Saturday + Sunday)

Yellow Fever, Woven Bones at South Street Seaport, 7

High Places, Toro Y Moi at the Whitney Museum, 7


Das Racist, Radical Outing, WCKids, Dirty Finger at Silent Barn, 8


Twin Sister, Total Slacker, Ava Luna, Golden Triangle at the McKibben Lofts (more info soon)


Beirut, WOOM at Music Hall of Williamsburg, 8

I generally don’t like the idea of music festivals. Too much to see, too many people, over-priced beer, stages that are too big for indie bands, etc. But I do like The L Magazine’s Northside Festival. Here are my reasons:

1. It’s cheap. Badges, although not guaranteed entry, are only $50, and last for four-days.

2. Sponsoring is minimal. Yeah, Heineken was everywhere. But that was basically it. In the press goody bag I got a healthy aloe drink, pirate booty and a novel. That’s the most inoffensive sponsoring ever.

3. It’s in BROOKLYN!

4. Stages are curated and presented by local blogs and websites. In SXSW fashion, you get to go to your favorite blogs or media peoples’ shows. But it’s on a smaller and more unique scale.

This year marked the 2nd year of Northside, and the bands were great.


Titus Andronicus. Especially when Patrick Stickles told audience members to “not be animals and throw trash everywhere.”

Coasting. This dynamic duo from Brooklyn play fast and ferocious punk rock ala 2010, with tons of reverb. The band played the Brooklyn Based showcase, which MME curated! (Pat on the back.)

Cloud Nothings. The power-pop of alterna-rock Cleveland outfit Cloud Nothings is so infectious you’ll find yourself jumping up and down. The band played its first show opening for Real Estate back in early December, and are on tour with Wavves. That’s not for no reason….

Andrew Cedermark. Does being in a 120 degree room with humidity and feeling like a breath of fresh air is being blown over your soul and into your ears sound possible? It is.

Dana Jewell. Love songs at their most tender.

Pics from Friday night at Matchless, the MME curated Brooklyn Based Northside Showcase.







Dan Turnbull, Orca Age at Goodbye Blue Monday, 8

Nonhorse, Shams, Dj Dog Dick, The Babies, Sewn Leather at Silent Barn, 8ish

Sam Amidon at Mercury Lounge, 7ish


Oneohtrix Point Never, Steve Moore, No Fun Acid (Carlos Giffoni), Autre Ne Veut at Glasslands, 8 (NORTHSIDE FEST)

Wavves, Cloud Nothings, Dom at Knitting Factory, 8ish (NORTHSIDE FEST)

Tame Impala, Amazing Baby at Pianos, 8

Aa, Yellow Fever, Air Waves, PC Worship, Coasting at Union Pool, 730ish (NORTHSIDE FEST)


Desert Stars, Woom at Bruar Falls, 10 (NORTHSIDE FEST)

We Are Country Mice, Eternal Summers, Grooms, Viernes, Dream Diary at Cameo Gallery, 8 (NORTHSIDE FEST)

Family Portrait, Fluffy Lumbers, Coasting, Bermuda Bonnie at Matchless, 9 (NORTHSIDE FEST)

Real Estate, Woods, The Fresh & Onlys, Sic Alps, Moon Duo at Music Hall of Williamsburg, 8 (NORTHSIDE FEST)


Titus Andronicus, Male Bonding, Cults at Newtown Barge, 1:30 (NORTHSIDE FEST)

Tinariwen, Omar Souleyman, Toubab Krewe at Central Park Summerstage, 3

Ducktails, Big Troubles, Woom, No Demons Here, Dana Jewell, Archers, Andrew Cedarmark at Shea Stadium, 8ish (NORTHSIDE FEST)

Lower Dens, Dark Dark Dark, Matteah Baim, Frankie & The Outs, Total Slacker, Coasting, Union at Death by Audio, 8 (NORTHSIDE FEST)

Liars, Fucked Up, High Places at Newtown Barge, 6 (NORTHSIDE FEST)

Memory Tapes, Twin Sister, DOM, ZAZA at Music Hall of Williamsburg, 8 (NORTHSIDE FEST)

Zs, David Linton at Issue Project Room, 8 (NORTHSIDE FEST)


Dark Dark Dark, Arches, Vandaveer, Callers, Annie and the Beekeepers at Zebulon, 7 (NORTHSIDE FEST)

Sitting down and interviewing Coasting feels very much like sitting down and gabbing with old friends. Madison Farmer and Fiona Campbell are two of the more inviting and welcoming artists I’ve come into contact with recently. On a somewhat recent sunny Sunday afternoon, I stopped by what is now called Pizza Forest, but was then just Farmer’s duplex apartment in Bushwick. A fun-house of sorts, the place has a finished basement and a garden and cool neighbors that don’t mind loud parties and tons of band practice.

Campbell at work.

Over frozen daiquiris, Coasting told me their story.

Campbell, 29, moved to New York from New Zealand with her ex-husband. She was, for many reasons, not playing music. That all changed when she met Farmer, 23.

“It was intimidating, everyone in Brooklyn was so good,” she said, her Kiwi accent making her words sound exceptionally pretty. “But the way we work is really organic, it’s easy for the two of us.”

Farmer and Campbell met while both working the DIY scene in Brooklyn: Campbell lives at Dead Herring, Farmer has (or maybe had?) the key to the Market Hotel. They were both instrumental in organizing the MtyMx Festival with Todd P. One night at the end of last summer Farmer was working the door at the Market, they talked about playing together and soon after they had their first jam in that space. The band’s first show was at, not surprisingly, Monster Island Basement during CMJ. (Read a review from that night… notice my word choice: “potential.”)

Farmer at work.

Now, a scant 8 months later, Coasting just saw their first 7″ pressed on DC’s M’Lady Records, and there are more in the pipeline including a release on Group Tightener.

A duo led by two powerful and equal females is not the norm these days. Female front women, sure. But Coasting is different. Campbell said just doing what they are doing is “feminist.”

“In Denton, TX, two guys at a show said to me, ‘It’s really cool that you’re not playing up the fact that you’re girls,’ ” she said. “It surprised me, I hadn’t had a comment like that before.”

And as is often the case of late with Brooklyn bands that may be “lo-fi,” either in sound or in the more classic definition, because of their recording techniques, Coasting too has reacted against the tide of calling the music and scene “lazy.” When the Guardian article came out in the February calling the music of Julian Lynch and other artists apathetic, both Farmer and Campbell were angry.

“I was pissed,” said Farmer. “We’re creating a beautiful thing in our own world. We don’t have to make a dramatic political statement to be relevant.”

Campbell added that every choice you make is political and that by choosing to live a DIY lifestyle, and buy local products and compost, they too were being political.

“We do it in our actions, we don’t have to say it,” she said.

Coasting is a band that truly lives in the moment of things. They make music as it happens, each play in multiple bands because it feels natural. Pizza Forest is a magnet of sorts, people drift in and out, and the basement is always set up with a kit, amps, you name it. And when it comes to releases, Farmer and Campbell don’t know if they’ll ever do more than 7 inches.

“We joke we’ll never make an album,” said Farmer, laughing at her own joke. (Note: Farmer likes to joke and have fun, which can be infectious.)

The goal of Coasting the band and Coasting the DIY concept is to do it for life. Both Farmer and Campbell have worked on the business end of the music industry, and both know there are always disappointments.

“This isn’t a fun side thing,” said Farmer. “We want to continue for a long time.”

Coasting is playing the MME curated Brooklyn Based Northside Fest Showcase on Friday, June 25. Also on the bill is Family Portrait, Fluffy Lumbers and Bermuda Bonnie.

Coasting: Snoozefest

This song is off a split with Reading Rainbow, a great 2-piece from Philly, out on French label ATELIER CISEAUX.

Exactly one week from today, the 2nd Annual Northside Festival begins. The weekend features upwards of 300 bands, and tons of showcases sponsored and curated by your favorite bloggers, blogs, labels, news outlets, etc.

Brooklyn Based asked me, or rather MME, to curate their showcase, which is going down Friday, June 25 at Matchless. The line-up is stellar…

First up is Bermuda Bonnie, a duo out of Brooklyn by way of Philly that plays adorable electronic pop. With subjects like sunny days, houseboats, rockets and boys, this music will make you feel sprightly and in love.

Fluffy Lumbers is the main project of Sam Franklin. Fluffy Lumbers music is a hazy and soaring loud mess of guitars run through reverb pedals–one part melody via Weezer and one part nostalgia via 80s pop. (But you all know that.)

Next is the Bushwick powerhouse Coasting featuring Madison Farmer on guitar and vocals and Fiona Campbell on drums and vocals. These two women are forward-thinking, feminist party animals whose minimal music will send shivers straight up your punk rock spine. In a 90s DC-era style, Coasting is fast and hard. Also, Farmer and Campbell hail from Arkansas and New Zealand, respectively, which must pique your interest, right?

And up last is the Underwater People’s Records house band, aptly named Family Portrait. Family Portrait makes music that oozes with old school charm but whose sound is fully modern. These are pop space jams with smoky lyrics by Elvis lookalike and lead singer/guitarist Evan Brody.

At each show a limited number of badge holders will be admitted and there are no pre-sale tickets so get there early. (There are $1 Heinekens from 8 to 10 p.m. so you’ve got no reason to be late.) Matchless, 557 Manhattan Ave., right across from McCarren Park, Friday, June 25. Doors at 8:30, bands at 9. $6.

9 Bermuda Bonnie
9:45 Fluffy Lumbers
10:30 Coasting
11:15 Family Portrait


Vodpod videos no longer available. Vodpod videos no longer available.

Both videos shot by Samantha Cornwel at Micro-Pixel-Rites SXSW 2010.

Brooklyn’s Coasting is on course for greatness. They’ve got something like four 7″ or tape releases coming up, one already out on M’Lady Records, (hear and read about “Pussy Bow“), and are playing shows all over the city.

Coasting plays the Brooklyn Based Northside Fest showcase curated by Microphone Memory Emotion on June 25 at Matchless. Also on the bill: Family Portrait, Fluffy Lumbers and Bermuda Bonnie. More info to come on that soon!

In addition to Coasting, Madison (Farmer) and Fiona (Campbell) are involved in numerous other projects such as Dream Diary, Cybelle Blood and others, and Fiona is going on tour with Vivian Girls (replacing Ali who is now with Best Coast, so confusing).

“Snoozefest” is off a split with Reading Rainbow, another great 2-piece from Philly, out on French label ATELIER CISEAUX.  The song features what Coasting does best- shake shake your hips simplicity, hard hit minimal punk drums and doubled up vocals.

I’ve seen the way Coasting does life: they work and live, (one of two) in a Bushwick duplex with a big pretty yard and a huge-ass done over basement that pulls triple duty as it’s also their practice space and a live music venue from time to time. They hang around and talk about bands, music, feminism. They smoke cigarettes and dark strawberry daiquiris. All of this compliments their music. Don’t you think? Let’s just say it’s not a Snoozefest??

Coasting: Snoozefest


Dom at Brooklyn Bowl, 9ish


Air Waves at South Street Seaport, noon

Frankie and the Outs, Reading Rainbow at Cake Shop, 8ish

Coasting Record Release, with Sisters, Big Troubles, X-Ray Eyeballs at Death by Audio, 8ish

Tobacco, Soundpool, Sunglasses, Telephone at Glasslands, 830

Zs, Child Abuse, Controlled Bleeding, Cellular Chaos at Shea Stadium, 9 (Benefit for the Gulf Oil Spill victims)


Holly Anderson, Chris Brokaw, Peg Simone at Bowery Poetry Club, 7


Grouper at Issue Project Room, 8

Lemonade (DJ Set), Delorean at Pianos, 8


Delorean, Restless People,MillionYoung, Sam Buck Rosen at Glasslands, 730

Yeasayer, Keepaway, Delicate Steve at Governors Island, 6

Web Dating, The Semaphore, Quilty, Golden Girls at Silent Barn, 8


Air Waves, The Young Sinclairs at Death by Audio, 8

Just listen to “Pussy Bow” and tell me you’re not blown away by the raw power in such a stripped-down song. That is where Coasting thrives, in the in-between space between punk and rock, between feminism and politics. This duo is fervent and rapid and fast becoming one of the best acts in Brooklyn.

Fiona Campbell plays drums like her life will end if she doesn’t hit them as hard as she can. Madison Farmer sings in a sweet voice, but when you see her perform you’ll be shocked at her boldness. And the fact that Campbell is from New Zealand and Farmer is from Arkansas, well… let’s just say uniqueness comes to them naturally.

“Pussy Bow” is off the band’s debut 7″ out on M’lady’s Records next month and available for pre-order NOW. Get it!

Coasting plays tonight at the Chris Knox benefit at Le Poisson Rouge and tomorrow with the Clean and Dimmer at the Bell House.

Coasting: Pussy Bow


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