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Here’s a demo version of the great Family Portrait song, “Glide Part 1,” a song set to appear on the band’s upcoming LP on Underwater Peoples. Evan J. Brody’s wailing vocals are present, of course, and so is a pretty tambourine line. Press play and live out the rest of your Thursday harmoniously.

The band’s been playing this song live for a little bit– if you haven’t heard it you’ve got a few chances next week! Family Portrait plays the Rose Quartz x Microphone Memory Emotion Unofficial CMJ Showcase on Friday, Oct. 22 at Shea Stadium. Flyer below.

Family Portrait: Glide Part 1 (demo)



Well well, as if a Friday morning isn’t already the best morning of the week, THIS Friday morning in my inbox was a shining gem by Ray Concepcion. This time the subject is PILL WONDER. In the video they are performing at Cameo Gallery for CMJ. Ray gave me a little shout out on his Vimeo page too– because he knew I missed these guys. He’s such a nice guy.

See also this post on Pill Wonder.

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I went to the Norwood, which is so bourgie it’s ridiculous, to see “Searching for Elliott Smith,” the Elliott Smith “documentary” on Friday night. It was raining, appropriately. I have to say- though anything Elliott Smith should make me happy- this documentary did not.

It was very odd and low budget and utilized mediocre graphics, sound and editing. But all of that I could dismiss if the story held together. But it didn’t, sadly.

Gil Reyes directed “Searching for Elliott Smith” and though he clearly tried very hard to make a great documentary, the picture ended up being a vehicle for Smith’s fiance, Jennifer Chiba, to try and vindicate herself.

Smith’s death is still an open case because the police can’t prove that Smith killed himself or that Chiba killed him. In the police report and/or coroner’s report it is mentioned that Chiba “refused to speak with detectives.” On camera Chiba denied this and even took Reyes and the camera to the LA Police Department. It was a strange turn of events in the documentary and it almost seemed like a set up. Why didn’t Chiba attempt to speak to detectives 6 years ago, when Smith died?

It’s really too bad that the doc. couldn’t hold itself together because Reyes interviewed several people for it who gave illuminating interviews about Smith. Mary Lou Lord spoke of his beauty and his fear of record companies and becoming “corrupted.” Smith’s longtime Portland friend, roommate and tour mate Sean Croghan spoke about their early days together, Smith’s “dry wit” and even about Smith’s personal background (though when asked about physical abuse he said he didn’t feel comfortable.) Gus Van Sant was interviewed and so were the owners of Cavity Search Records who put out Heatmiser and “Roman Candle.” But Chiba took the show.

It was painfully said to hear her recount what happened the day Smith died. She cried through the interview and it was very real.

Reyes answered some questions after the screening and I asked him how he got the characters to be in the film and if he would have made it without their participation. He said he originally made it without the participation of Jennifer Chiba and when he showed her a rough cut she said she wanted in, which in and of itself, is odd.

He also said that the LAPD still have Smith’s journal. WHAT?!

Everyone who loves Elliott Smith should see “Searching for Elliott Smith.” But just don’t expect too much.

I was a little stoned on Sangria Friday night but that didn’t dull my senses at all. The bands that played the Matador/True Panther showcase were all awesome. Not only did I enjoy the show wholeheartedly but now I can also write about it joyfully.

First up was Harlem. What the hell kind of a name is Harlem (pictured) for a punk pop band from Texas? Anyway- the guitarist (who later played drums) was wearing a Beavis and Butthead t-shirt and that was enough for me. The band really delivered on poppy yet distorted hooks, bass driven songs and infectious fried chicken-jump around melodies.

Next up was Tanlines— a band i’ve hailed many times before. There’s something about the duo of Jesse Cohen and Eric Emm that is as strong as… hmmm, Soju and Korean Fried Chicken? (Why do i keep writing about chicken?) Seriously, Tanlines is a power house of dance beats, tropical digital sounds and light guitar notes. You know those songs that just build and build and break just when they should, when you’re on the brink of flipping out? That’s like the definition of a Tanlines song. Even though I was in the dark and kind of dingy Suffolk on Suffolk Street, I felt like I was in a Jamaican dance hall with sand floors and with very few clothes on.

Lemonade (pictured) took the stage next. I’ve always liked Lemonade’s jams but I’d never seen the band live before. And now I promise you there will be lots more writing about them going on right here. I haven’t heard music like theirs before–they commandeer the well-charted territory of dance noise without an ounce of pretension. Oh and did I mention the drummer was in his underpants? And they were tight and striped??

The music of Lemonade is a potent mix of dance-y beats and sampled sounds mixed with hardcore drumming (on real drums and electronic pads) and sunny vocals. PopTarts said the sound was like Professor Murder meets Black Dice, which is an interesting mash-up. Everyone should definitely see these guys– you’ll dance your face off like you have a purpose.

Cold Cave was one of the most hyped CMJ acts to hit New York last week. Their dark, almost industrial music went well the extremely dark stage and with their look- all black clothes and somber faces. I felt like a vampire or a bat in a cave. But I wasn’t scared. Cold Cave’s music is both slow and aggressive, moody and somehow poppy. While the crowd brooded, inside they were ecstatic. The music of Cold Cave is powerful and visceral. Maybe a little boring in a live setting, but something tells me that’s the point. Enjoy the darkness.

The predicament for me is this: Do I see the bands I know I like? Or do I try and see bands i’ve never heard of before with the hopes of getting turned on? This is what i’ve decided: see the bands i’ve never seen and already like, then bands that don’t tour often or come to NYC, and then stumble around with my fingers crossed.

I’m most excited for: Best Coast, Mountain Man, Ducktails, Cold Cave, Fluffy Lumbers, Acrylics and Neon Indian. Also, the world premiere of “Searching for Elliott Smith.”

I’ll be heading to some day parties…some night parties…some late night parties. It’s gonna be exhausting! But fun, clearly. Follow my Twitter for updates. And of course, check here.

Best Coast: In My Room

Ducktails: Wishes

echo curio photo by vincent uribe

echo curio photo by vincent uribe

Yes! Best Coast will be playing a bunch of shows for CMJ, i’m sure, but this one will be especially awesome for a couple of reasons. #1- it’s at the Cake Shop, the best venue to see new bands, its intimate and has good sound. #2- Amsterdam’s Subbacultcha is a rad music outlet. Also playing: Male Bonding, Surf City, Blondes and more. CMJ’s gonna be craaazy!! See my Best Coast Q&A here.


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