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Getting emails from Matt at Funny/ Not Funny Records always brightens my day. The label puts out the best of the halfway-Southern indie genre, and today they posted a free Fall Mix for stream/download on their site. “13 new tracks from the F/NF past, present, and future family!”

Featured on the mix: Drunk Tigers, The Young Sinclairs, Matt himself (Matt Leech), Ben Schlabach, Andrew Cedermark and many more.

Cedermark happens to be playing the Rose Quartz x Microphone Memory Emotion Showcase a week from today, that’s next Friday, Oct. 22 at Shea Stadium. It’s going to be a righteous jam of a night, get pumped with this gorgeously aching track, “Why We Exist.” Reason: To listen to music…

Andrew Cedermark: Why We Exist


Here’s another straight-up rock jam from Funny/Not Funny Records, that little analog label with a lot of Southern charm. Ben Schlabach‘s music has the same earthy feel as label header Matt Leech‘s does… it’s a refreshing sound to my Northern ears. The picture for Schlabach‘s 7″ pretty much epitomizes what life may feel like down there… You dress up because you’re respectful, it’s hot but you’re ok because there are plenty of shade trees, you keep a beard because that’s just what you do.

“Comes In Nines” is a rollicking church stomper. Schlabach’s begging, “We’re ready to listen this time!”, is not forย repentance. He’s asking his Grandpa how to party like it was 1929… Drink a whiskey and stamp your foot?

Ben Schlabach: Comes In Nines


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