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Dave Markey is a southern California filmmaker, primarily. He’s been involved in the L.A. punk scene in many ways since the early 80s. He directed the phenomenal documentary, 1991: The Year Punk Broke, in which Markey followed Sonic Youth and their opening band, Nirvana, on a European tour. This was pre-Nevermind. The film features performances and candid moments with the likes of Dinosaur Jr., Babes in Toyland, Gumball, The Ramones and Courtney Love.

The film is being screened tonight at the Walter Reade Theater at 8:15. For info, click here.

For the last year Markey has been working on another documentary, The Reinactors, which chronicles Hollywood icon impersonators. It was screened at the 37th Annual International Film Festival of Rotterdam, the New York United Film Festival and the Buenos Aires Festival International Cine Independent, among others. The film is being released on DVD in June.

Keep reading for details and insights into The Year Punk Broke, comments on Lee Renaldo’s hair and stories of violent Marilyn Monroe and Freddy Kruger impersonators.

Dave Markey, Kurt Cobain, Kim Gordon Foto by Thurston Moore

Dave Markey, Kurt Cobain, Kim Gordon Foto by Thurston Moore

Q. 1991: The Year Punk Broke is being screened at the Walter Reade Theater in NYC on Monday, did you have anything to do with that? Will you be there?

I made the film available to them. I understand it’s a nice joint. Unfortunately I wont be there, I can’t make it to every screening. I was at the ATP NY last year, that was a blast. I also got to show the sister sequel made from unused footage from the film called (This Is Known As) The Blues Scale.
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