I’ve been jamming with Swimsuit in my periphery for some time now, thanks to Tom  at The Great Pumpkin (see here and here). Finally though, I need to post about the band myself.

Hailing from Michigan, Swimsuit make clean and minimal pop with low-fashion gloss, which is just the way I like guitar pop- unpolished and ragged. The band is the project of Fred Thomas of City Center and features some of the best harmonies not in a folk song i’ve heard in some time. On this rainy day, the first of many this week, and at the end of a very hot summer, why not try and get sunny one more time. This is easy breezy.

Check out the posts over at TGP and the newest song to leak online, “Sunlight” below.

Swimsuit: Sunlight

(via International Tapes)

Also, I just got a gingham bikini delivered from J. Crew (great sales now y’all), so this post is more than timely.