When people talk about wallflowers they’re referring to shy people, those that watch from afar, too timid to join in the game of life. But if those “wallflowers” were instead called “tapestries,” I think they’d be a bit more exciting. And an Eternal Tapestry? Forever an observer, hanging on a college door room wall, absorbing second hand smoke of all kinds, staying forever young? Sounds idyllic.

Eternal Tapestry has been releasing music on well respected avant-experimental labels like Three Lobed and Not Not Fun for some time now, but I just learned about them recently. I’m glad I did, because their music incorprorates some of my favorite elements: sweeping guitar solos with a psychedelic sheen, vast jams that venture into sonic netherlands, distortion…

“Cathedral of Radiance” is off The Invisible Landscape, on Not Not Fun.

Eternal Tapestry: Cathedral of Radiance

(via Naturalismo)