The Evan Dando/ Juliana Hatfield shows are shaping up to be the most exciting events in the coming weeks… talk about 90s nostalgia!! This is the real deal. There would be no Weezer were it not for Juliana and Evan. Maybe…

In celebration of the shows, Sept. 29 and 30 (SOLD OUT) at Mercury Lounge, a couple of tracks with exquisite harmonies have been made available… “Drug Buddy” (remastered), off 1992’s “It’s a Shame About Ray” is available below, and “Waiting for Heaven” off 2001’s “God Bless the Blake Babies,” here.

The Lemonheads: Drug Buddy (remastered)

Juliana shares  “In the past when I worked with Evan it was always in a strictly auxiliary capacity – backup singing, bass playing – but now that we will be on equal footing I think we could do a lot of damage. I’ve always thought that Evan was an underrated songwriter…..his good looks and antiestablishment attitude have overshadowed his skills.”  And, Evan reminisces “Juliana and I first met and started playing music together when we were 19. Since then Juliana has only gotten better and better. Now it’s like playing with someone I’m a huge fan of and totally revere.”