Okay, so the song by Emeralds man Mark McGuire is called “Clouds Rolling In,” but the song really doesn’t feel like that. It feels like you yourself are the cloud, and sure it’s moving, but not because a storm is coming. I couldn’t feel any clearer after listening to this song three, four times. It’s like, psychedelic music is supposed to make you all introverted, they say. It’s thought provoking and complex, you “get lost in it,” etc. But for real, McGuire must be the master because listening to this pretty much spells out in the clearest english what i’ve been searching for for days now. GET UP AND AT EM. DON’T SLOW DOWN. STAY COMMITTED.

Damn, man. Where have you been until now???

Mark McGuire: Clouds Rolling In

Song is off Living With Yourself, out Oct. 12 on Editions Mego.