Wild Animal Kingdom. WAKR! Olympia, Washington! Only you could have had a dream like “I love Guided by Voices. I love my friends’ bands. I’m going to make a collection of covers and distribute it!” What’s in the water out there? Acid dreams turn into reality in the PAC NW it seems…

Guided by Guided by Voices is an extremely limited collection, so if you like the band, or those 16 doing the covering, (so far we’ve got Pill Wonder, Bleeker and Brody and Martin Courtney IV),  then you should get on this compilation ASAP.

Sam Franklin, AKA Fluffy Lumbers, takes on the melancholy “Club Molluska,” and gives it the hard-nosed treatment we all have come to love/appreciate. He employs the power of echoes and darkly draped guitar tones and then wails all over it.

“It’s just a runaway wooooorld.”

Fluffy Lumbers: Club Molluska