When you have a really bad time, you get home too late and you feel sick, you get dumped or worse, you throw up, you have to spend time with Republicans… All of these things could make you wake up the next day and mutter to yourself, “Damn, Last Night Sucked.”

I don’t know exactly what happened to the Lawrence, Kansas band Baby Birds Don’t Drink Milk that inspired them to write a song called “Last Night Sucked.” Whatever it was, it seems like it doesn’t matter anymore because the band got a somewhat anthemic song out of it, and, perhaps, a record deal?

I’ve been jamming the track for months now, but just a couple of days ago I heard that the Fire Talk label, headed up by Trevor from Woodsman (yeah, DENVER), is putting out a BBDDM LP, “Skeletor and Me.” Clearly the song (and their others) turned some people on. You can pick it up here. The band will be around for CMJ. See them.

Baby Birds Don’t Drink Milk: Last Night Sucked