Months and months ago I came across Summer Twins on Myspace. I don’t remember how this happened but I remember thinking i’d stumbled upon a path that would take me somewhere great. I heard a few songs and communicated with the Riverside, CA duo a bit. And now they have an album, The Good Things. Check out these blissful sounding tunes on a Bandcamp page. And blissful and pretty they are. And oh so L.A., though my ears taste some Martin Courtney style guitar solos. Such a good, good thing.

“Crying in my Sleep” starts out with a pristine guitar ramblings and Chelsea and Justine’s intertwining badup badup’s. The song has a slightly melancholy tenor, but the delightful instrumentation and guitar textures, and the Twins’ vocals, turn it into a jam.

Unfortunately, the band is only playing shows in California. Let’s hope that changes soon.

Summer Twins: Crying in my Sleep