by Jackie Roman

Dinowalrus rides an experimental line: on one side chill ambiance and the other, spastic-tinged noise rock. Here’s a demo of a new song that finds them more dreamy than ever. Still in rough mix format, “Phone Home from the Edge,” starts off atmospheric, yet quickly incorporates a clean jangly guitar line. Turns out the guitar is what drives this song’s engine, not the laid-back beat. About halfway through, the song takes a turn inward, only to come quickly around the bend for the final stretch.

“Phone Home.”

Dinowalrus is playing Death by Audio on Thursday and The Rock Shop on Monday. Chris Weingarten, writer, former Parts & Labor drummer and recent punching bag (no comment), is on drums filling in until the band’s new drummer, Anton Hochheim from the Depreciation Guild, is back in October. Dinowalrus hopes to then begin work on their follow-up to this years release, “%,” on Kanine. “Phone Home” will likely be included on that album.

Dinowalrus: Phone Home from the Edge