Otherworldly sounds move through “Young Tail,” a genre skipping song by MICKEY BROWN, the collaborative project of Mickey Mickey Rourke from L.A. and Lester Brown from Canada. It starts with a groove, and elephant sounds and a girl’s breathy voice…

“You’re so so. You’re so cool.”

What is creativity? To craft a perfect pop song is something very few musicians can do. But when that happens do we call the musician creative, or an expert? Other musicians build psychedelic dreamscapes one synth layer at a time. Are they creative, or determined and patient architects? Mickey Brown seems to be working in the creative realm with “Young Tail.” The song is heavily dependent on groove, yes, but without the changing tempo, the found sounds and what sounds like eerie tape playback, the song wouldn’t be effective in creating delirium. But that’s what it does. Creativity?

Mickey Brown: Young Tail

The album is called Vision Quest.