Juliana Hatfield and Evan Dando. In the 90s those names couldn’t be mentioned without someone asking if the king and queen of alternative rock were a couple. While they did share at least a kiss, which Hatfield mentioned in passing in her 2008 memoir, How To Walk Away, at the time the rumors were vehemently denied. This past Spring, Hatfield mentioned Dando again, this time on her newest album, in a song called “Evan.”

The lyric: “Evan, I just love you I guess.”

And now, Hatfield and Dando are playing at least two shows together, one in their hometown of Boston and the other at NYC’s Mercury Lounge on September 30. On Hatfield’s website it reads, “playing and singing together.” Can I get a collective “YESSSS!”

According to Hatfield’s publicist, Bobbie Gale, after these shows others may be considered. Playing together was something Hatfield and Dando had been discussing, and it “ended up happening.”

Why on earth the two would come together again? The only exception to their chilling relationship over the past 15 or so years was in 2003 when Hatfield toured with Dando as his bassist. Her performance was widely regarded as uninspired. During some shows (including the one I attended at San Francisco’s Bottom of the Hill club) she leaned against a wall or sat on the floor.

Regardless, these “Juliana and Evan” shows are going to be incredible. At the very least, for their historical significance.