Each time Andrew Cedermark washes up on a stage in Brooklyn (or anywhere, for that matter) he likely wins over every newcomer in the room. His music is aggressively addictive, and takes cues from classic rock and roll, clean-cut rockabilly and indie-nostalgia all at once.  Each song is like a tiny story, with chapters full of detail. Moving from one section to another, always hitting you over the head with subtlety, Cedermark creates an indelible feeling in your ears. It’ll never go away. You will never forget.

“Moon Deluxe” is the first single to be released from his upcoming LP on Underwater Peoples. Also see “Hard Livin’,” a track which finds Cedermark on the gentler, more folky side of the lake. This is not to say the song isn’t loud and dramatic, but the songs tone is a bit more nuanced.

Once a member of Titus Andronicus, a band from his hometown of Glen Rock, NJ, Cedermark on his own still employs the frantic, do or die style of guitar playing.

Cedaemark guesting w Titus Andronicus at Northside Fest, 2010

Andrew Cedermark: Moon Deluxe

Andrew Cedermark: Hard Livin’