Tucker Rountree of Total Slacker is on a “real creative surge.” To channel that creativity, and to keep himself full of fresh vitality, he just launched a new solo project: Web Dating. Rountree says these are all love songs, which is pretty clear judging by the song titles: “Can’t Get Enough of You,” “I Just Wanna Make Love,” “Ode to a Former Love,” etc.

These songs are definitely in Rountree’s veins, though they are far away from the Total Slacker veins in his body. “Can’t Get Enough of You” is a poppy dream-scape, moving in and out of dark yet delicate verses. Rountree’s classic guitar training peeks through too, shining with flair. Rountree plays all the instruments himself.

“Close to you, still far away.” That is how it goes, isn’t it?

And with the band photo being a photoshopped image of Wesley Snipes and Woody Harrelson from one of the best movies ever, “White Men Can’t Jump,” well, that says a lot about Web Dating’s awesome aesthetic.

Web Dating: Can’t Get Enough of You