Vibes matter man. When a bunch of unknowing and unconscious assholes show up some place and do shit that makes no sense and bother others while doing it, the vibes are altered. Now, we all know Altered Zones are great, but this wasn’t great at all.

Which brings me to the Underwater Peoples Summertime Showcase on Saturday night at Shea Stadium. For whatever reason, in attendance was a handful of big time posers who had no clue that this was NOT a punk or hard-core show. So they acted as “punk” as they could, by kicking each other and spitting on the stage. Now, if this were a real punk show these kids would have had the shit kicked out of them (which is maybe why they chose the chillest place in Bushwick to bring their shenanigans). Besides the inappropriateness of their actions, what really made me sad was what their presence and attitude means for the future of underground, anti-authoritative music and culture. These kids were Hot Topic, personified.

What’s most depressing though, is that the bands, all of whom are great, really brought their A-game. The performances were lively, well-rehearsed and, in many cases, full of new material. I don’t know if the bands were much bothered by the crowd, but for those of us there for the music, it was hard to get lost in it.

Alex Bleeker & the Freaks, by NJ Underground

I mean come now, moshing to Alex Bleeker and the Freaks? I don’t think his music could possibly inspire violent physical reactions. I guess anything is possible, but I would place a bet that a more enjoyable reaction would be a bit more heady and less aggressive.

Even though I badly wanted to see Julian Lynch perform again, I left early. Those kids weren’t the only reason, but they were part of it. I heard they were gone before Lynch and Real Estate took the stage much later in the evening, and for that we can all be grateful. I’m sure all good vibes were restored after they peaced out.

So, the point is, vibes matter. And hey kids! I’m not an old stick in the mud, I enjoy moshing and stage diving from time to time. But when it makes no sense, it only makes you look like the biggest idiot in the world. And I don’t think that’s what you’re going for.

Ok, all of that aside though, the bands I saw were totally rocking. Fluffy Lumbers with a FULL band, including the drummer from the recently disbanded Pants Yell!, was on fire. Really great. Alex Bleeker debuted a bunch of new and startlingly dark songs (and played a cover of Say It Ain’t So!). No Demons Here performed with a full band, (first time ever?), which really fleshed the sound out. Be sure to see these bands SOON.

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