Velvet Davenport is still an enigma to me. The music is very real and very present in my consciousness,  but i’ve never seen Parker Sprout play. I’ve never heard his voice while being in the same room as him. All of that will change this fall when Velv. D. comes out (hopefully) for CMJ and definitely on November 12.

“Never Ending Days Beginning” is a jangly meditation on swimming, floating, and basically just watching and observing what’s happening all around you. A simple electric guitar is strummed while a tambourine claps along merrily. Actually, the song conjures up memories of LSD-era-Beatles tracks…

The song is off a new cassette, White Blue, out now on Moon Glyph. Also check out the band’s Daytrotter session and another new song off White Blue, “When You Are Out,” at Chocolate Bobka.

Velvet Davenport: Never Ending Days Beginning