This song really makes me hungry for a juicy cheeseburger. I had a cheeseburger the other day and it was dry and overcooked and totally unsatisfactory.

Anyway, Human Resources is the project of Jeremy Krinsley, and it is dreamy bedroom collage music at its best. “Ft. Carl’s Jr.” is an exercise in self control. The song makes you bob your head like a hippie dancer, it makes your feet want to slide like Michael Jackson. But you’re at work right now, and you can’t just do that. So instead, do it in your mind.

Although the song is awash in some necessary haze, the pristine sound of the guitar, almost Beatles like in tone, takes this song out of the doldrums of dark, moody music and puts it center stage as a fun-time jammer.

Human Resources releases can be checked out here, and a 7″ is coming out soon on Ghost Hunter’s Club Co-op.

Human Resources: Ft. Carl’s Jr.