Brock Enright is known for his extreme art. He kidnaps people and films it and calls it art! His music, on the other hand, isn’t too extreme. In fact, “Maybe” by Enright and his wife Kirsten Deirup, is quite pleasant. In just two minutes, a very vivid pop song is painted. Simple indie beats and a catchy chant pretty much guarantees you’ll be hearing this song in your head all day.

The album by the duo, Torben, was released the same day as the award-winning documentary “Brock Enright: Good Times Will Never Be The Same.” Enright is a modern artist that even those not in the art scene should know about. His work is controversial and subversive. Watch the trailer, below.

Visual artists are often musicians. Look at Patti Smith. Could Enright be thinking of incorporating sound into future works? Considering his past work that blurred the line between performance art and strictly mono-directional art, it seems possible.

Brock Enright and Kirsten Deirup: Maybe

The song is off the Torben LP, released last month.