The aptly named Virginia band Eternal Summers has been making what they call “dream punk” for a while now, and on September 28 they are releasing their debut on Kanine, Silver.

“Dye” finds Eternal Summers picking up where they left off– riding a mountain high, along a ridge built of good times and weathered wood. This song actually feels weathered, like it’s been floating around in the atmosphere of band members Nicole Yun and Daniel Cundiff’s heads for some time. Committing it to tape was likely a relief.

In the style of atmospheric pop bands before them, Eternal Summers’ music is jovial and full of bounce. Their songs remind of both times past and fun times ahead, which is an intoxicating mix. There’s nothing like combining the experience of recognizing something, with the possibility of further exploration.

Eternal Summers: Dye

See Eternal Summers with another two-piece band in a similar vein, Reading Rainbow, on August 12 at the Pyramids in Williamsburg or at the Cake Shop on August 13.