taken at MICRO-PIXEL-RITES, sxsw2010

Campfires is making its first trip to NYC as a band this week. And on Friday we’re lucky enough to have them on the bill at Glasslands. Jeff Walls, who also designed the flyer for the show, whatta guy, says this about “Eastward, God Damn It!”:

Not a full song, but more an inspired burst, the song is, “just a fun little jam that was recorded specifically as a give-away for this mini-tour,” said Walls. ” I recorded it on my own during the sweltering heat last week.”

Well, Jeff, I guess productivity and heat can go hand in hand, because this song is a major kick in the bum. Get up and get em!

Campfires also plays tomorrow night at Shea Stadium, so if you’ve got something else going on on Friday…

Campfires: Eastward, God Damn It!