Truth is born from the beauty of simplicity. That is definitely the case with New Zealand’s Surf City, a band that takes a basic idea, a pop song, and gives it a nostalgic, shoegaze attitude. “Crazy Rulers of the World” sounds like, amazingly, how the movies of my youth made me feel. Is it memory or is it emotion through music? First, I felt like I was in 16 Candles, the scene at the dance when Molly Ringwald is in the hallway. The next, I remembered how it felt to relate to Corey Haim in License to Drive. He really wanted to drive! I wanted to drive! (See the pic- remind you of two dudes with the same first name?!)

This track is off the band’s debut LP, Kudos, out in November on Fire/Popfrenzy.

Surf City: Crazy Rulers of the World

via RQ. xxoo