“I’m Alone”

“I Wish I Was Someone Else”

“I’m Too Shy”

Happy Birthday just released another MP3 from their totally incredible self-titled LP. If this song doesn’t convince you to pick this album up, then really, you should think long and hard about your tastes and the pliability of your heart. It’s a muscle!

This is such a sad, sad song, but in the perfect way that some pop bands can pull off. The desperate lyrics, the melody that’s tightly wound up in hope,  the crunchy loud cacophony– all of that makes “Too Shy” a catchy pleaser.

“Too Shy” reminds me of an early Orca Age, ie: Jeff Patlingrao song, when he was calling his project The Lonely Robots. Love, yearning and acceptance are the themes here.

Happy Birthday: Too Shy