On Deerhunter’s Myspace page is a Jean Genet quote:

“To achieve harmony in bad taste is the height of elegance.”

What an ethos to go by and a perfect goal to strive for. Of course artists should strive for beauty– but never giving up the the raw edge is the true test. After listening to the new single, “Revival,” about a dozen times in a row, it seems they’ve achieved that elegance.

The new song surfaced yesterday. “Revival” is an up-tempo throwback pop song. It sounds like the Beatles, without the crystalline production. Notes do ring out in joyous tones here- and what sounds like a harpsichord is so shiny and simmering you may feel like you need to turn the volume down. Don’t do that. Keep listening.

“Darkness, always, it doesn’t make much sense.”

There is absolutely no darkness in this song.

Deerhunter: Revival