The music of Beach Fossils sounds like a very fragrant flower: irresistibly syrupy sweet and utterly simple and colorful. But actually, beneath the petals and fragrance is a band that strives for complicated texture and melody.

Beach Fossils is a breezy pop band, heavy on the reverb. But Dustin Payseur has a thing with melody, it’s a bond that feels very, very strong. He plays in what Total Slacker’s Tucker Rountree described as “baroque style” melody driven progression, that “implies chordal structure.” So Payseur doesn’t actually play chords, he’s plays around them. And in fact, bassist John Pena is the one playing the song’s melody.

Guitarist Chris Burke used to lend rhythmic, shiny guitar to the mix, but last night was his last with Beach Fossils. He’s left so he can pursue his band, Red Romans.

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