Louisville must be covered in some dense shit, i.e. “fog.” Where else could the inspiration for the thick and dank “Fog” by Meridian Signals have come from? Yes, perhaps from the thick and cloudy mind of Michael Powell (of The Decibel Tolls) and not from what happens when the great outdoors meets wetness. Either way, “Fog” feels like something you have to make it through. You must push through the electric fuzz, the steady drum beat, in order to survive. Or to get inside.

What sounds like drums on “Fog” is actually a guitar. “It’s a false note distorted, flipped backwards, then reverbed out,” Powell said. SICK. With a Boss SP-303 and an effects processor, he made this happen.

Go check out Mercator Songs. It’s out on August 10 on Itslips Tapes.

Meridian Signals: Fog