“No currency will be exchanged.”

Matt Papich is Ecstatic Sunshine. I’ve been a follower for some time of the dreamy and occasionally harsh pop electronica of this Baltimore artist. He’s back with a digital-only free 7″. Freak Flag features two exercises in sonic experimentation. Papich doesn’t just make music that sounds or feels good–for him, it’s all conceptual. So how did he conceive of “No Future I’m Dead”? Does he believe that there’s no future? For himself personally?

Papich says Freak Flag is “music for being without intent, for occupying time and space in an ambient way.” So basically, relax, listen carefully, but feel it first. Luckily, “No Future I’m Dead” is a beautiful track awash in what can only be described as waves of ecstasy. And the melody is a haunting, low-end exploration of depth.

Ecstatic Sunshine is about to tour Europe. Hopefully a future show in NYC will pan out… Get Freak Flag! The tracks will later appear on the ES Dissolver LP.

Ecstatic Sunshine: No Future I’m Dead