Orca Age is the new name for the ever changing Jeff Patlingrao project.* Like a whale that jumps out of the water and into the wide sky, Orca Age moves from the depths to the surface in an attempt to live life, or to survive. Each song on Orca Age’s Bandcamp has a desperate feel to it, like if you don’t listen hard and with an open heart, you might miss your chance at getting somewhere.

In a rather unfortunate turn of events, Patlingrao’s MacBook Pro recently fried, and all work on the new album was lost. Perhaps it was meant to happen. Some demos that were sent via email to far-away band mates in Wisconsin and Maine are all that remains.

“Firefly” is a song that Patlingrao has been playing for years but could never record. It’s fitting, then, that the first recording we’ll hear is an unfinished and unpolished demo. The song is an ode to the show of the same name.

“Would you stay with me on this boat if I could sink the sun?”

“No. No.”

It’s a dramatic, epic song that takes many turns. Stay with it. Move through space.

Orca Age plays tonight in the backyard at Goodbye Blue Monday in Bushwick. Show starts around 8 p.m. This is night one of an eastern seaboard and midwestern tour.

Orca Age: Firefly (demo)

*Disclosure: Jeff has been a friend for many years.