by Chris Day

When I was young I played the saxophone. I started late and to make up for that my mother made me take private lessons with a fairly famous and definitely professional jazz saxophone player named Tim Moran. I’m fairly certain that was his name. Anyway, I played alto and I enjoyed it. Practicing was boring and sometimes hard but when I got something right it felt INCREDIBLE. I was playing basic jazz though. Never in my dreams would I have even thought or imagined I could have been playing free jazz.

Why am I blathering? Because when I listened to this song, “Aire Metal” by Microkingdom, I was transported back to that basement where I was taught how to solo on that heavy instrument around my neck. I’m thinking now about taking the horn up again.

Microkingdom is a Baltimore no-jazz act, (get it? no wave plus free jazz equals… yeah). The band has their “first proper” full-length coming out in the fall on Friends Records.

This song is ambient, it’s jazz, it’s melancholy pop, it could be on Baz Luhrman’s Romeo + Juliet soundtrack. Yeah, that’s the mood here.

Time changes and screeching guitars. Chant-like drums. Flickering fantasies in the form of saxophone flourishes.

Microkingdom: Aire Metal