Julian Lynch‘s new album on Old English Spelling Bee has been rocking my world for a bit now. Mare takes indie-rock-instrumentation to another level. Hello clarinet, long a staple in Lynch’s music. On this album it adds an almost surreal quality, it comes into the song when you’re thinking “What’s happening here?” And of course its sonic introduction doesn’t settle those questions at all.

This is music that lingers in the back of your head. But it also exists front and center. Lynch has mastered the art of non-background background music.

Here’s the first taste for his new LP, “Ears.” It’s a slightly short but not at all too brief jam. Mainly instrumental, it features typical Lynchian guitar wails and feedback and shuffling drummers. Lynch has a strong understanding of melody, always in play.

Pre-order Mare at OESB.

Lynch is playing an MME curated show at Glasslands on July 30 with Ducktails (“Live on WFMU” Record Release), Campfires and La Big Vic.

Julian Lynch: Ears