Everyone loves Neil Young. Every person who picks up a guitar is drawn to him, instinctually even. Whether they prefer his softer acoustic singer-songwriter side or his electric i’ll fuck you up with distortion side, a little piece of him is in every player. Matt Mondanile of Ducktails and Real Estate has done something with his cover of Young’s “Look Out For My Love” that is really, really rare. In every guitarists (and arguably musician’s) heart, they love Young so much that they can’t stray too far from him when paying homage to him in a cover. Mondanile has managed to make his treatment sound like a very, very distant cousin of the original.

It’s not that he changes anything in the song, it’s just the texture and tone of it all that sets it apart. The song sounds like it was recorded in a glass house with walls that echo rather than absorb. And his voice is more Kurt Vile than Neil Young. The nasaly-inflections that define Young are nowhere to be found.

He’s also chosen to omit the crazy section at the end of the song when Young attacks you with “You own it!” Perhaps Mondanile wanted to leave you wondering what you were missing. With him, you don’t own it? Or perhaps this is only from a random version… regardless.

Mondanile recorded this song for a benefit album. More details on that at Chocolate Bobka. Purchase the album, which also features Sun Araw and Julian Lynch, among others, at A Fundamental Experiment.

Matt Mondanile: Look Out For My Love