Feather and Folly is Holly Overton and Julia Hermannsdottir. The duo, from Nags Head, North Carolina and Iceland and now, Brooklyn, merge the music of their homelands, resulting is the kind of music that haunts and inspires.

Utilizing instruments like the ukelele, dulcimer and glockenspiel and of course relying on their pretty harmonies, Feather and Folly comforts in the most pleasant way: through warmth and sensitivity.

“Cold Spring” has a down-home feel. It may be a cliche to think of grassy fields and apple pie and the like, but that is what this conjures for me… The dedicated stomp and shaker shake is as close to the sound of a rapidly beating heart after a woodsy frolick that i’ve come across in some time.

Feather and Folly is playing a show at Rockwood Music Hall and at Zebulon in July. Pick up their cassette release, Shrine to Pleasant.

Feather and Folly: Cold Spring

Here’s a video of “Dapper Dan.”